General Knowledge Set – 68 SSC Exam:

  1. How can a Change in the distribution of powers between the Centre and the States be done?
    Answer: Amending the Constitution
  1. Which acid is used to remove ink and rust stains and cloth?
    Answer: Oxalic acid
  1. Which forms the largest share of the deficit in Govt. of India’s budget?
    Answer: Fiscal deficit
  1. 97% of the atmosphere lies within how many kilometers of the surface of the earth?
    Answer: 5 km
  1. By virtue of which Act, dyarchy was introduced in India?
    Answer: Government of India Act, 1919
  1. Who has written the book ‘The Famished Road’?
    Answer: Ben Okri
  1. In a living cell, what is the site of ribosome formation?
    Answer: Nucleolus
  1. Which Amendment of the Constitution of India deals with the issue of strengthening the Panchayati Raj?
    Answer: 73rd
  1. Primitive people practice animal rearing in the tropical grasslands of which area?
    Answer: East Africa
  1. By whom was the first republic of the world established in Vaishali?
    Answer: Lichhavi
  1. How can one distinguish a telescope from a microscope?
    Answer: By observing the size of the lens
  1. World day to combat desertification and drought is observed on which date?
    Answer: June
  1. Which scheme was intended to tap the black money?
    Answer: India Development Bonds
  1. What are the Low-latitude grasslands in South America called?
    Answer: Pampas
  1. Between which was the ancient town of Takshasila located?
    Answer: Indus and Jhelum
  1. What do both respiration and photosynthesis require?
    Answer: Cytochromes
  1. From which date shall the tenure of every Panchayat be for five years?
    Answer: From the date of its first meeting
  1. Which metal is present in photo films?
    Answer: Silver
  1. Which state is the leading producer of tea?
    Answer: Assam
  1. Who was a contemporary of Chinghiz Khan?
    Answer: Iltutmish

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