General Knowledge Set – 161 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

1. For which disease is Oncogene responsible?

Answer:  Cancer

2. Which sets of cities are located on the reference longitude for Indian standard time?

Answer:  Kakinanda-Pondicherry

3. Who destroyed the Empire of Chalukyas of Badami?

Answer:  Rashtrakutas

4. For the enforcement of Fundamental Rights, what can the Supreme Court do?

Answer:  It may issue a writ

5. The element common to all the acids is known by which name?

Answer:  Hydrogen

6. To integrate cultural leaders into its meeting, which gives the “Crystal Award”?

 Answer:  World Economic Forum

7. The Konkan Coast stretches between which regions?

Answer:  Goa and Cochin

8. Who was the Chola King to have conquered Bengal?

Answer:  Rajendra I

9. Where is the Central Water and Power Research Station located?

Answer:  Khadakwasla

10. Which chamber of the human heart pumps fully oxy, generating blood to the aorta and hence to the body?

Answer:  Left Ventricle

11. Which writ is issued by the court in case of illegal detention of a person?

Answer:  Habeas Corpus

12. Soil can best be conserved on the hills by which of the cultivating methods?

Answer:  Contour ploughing

13. The Vijay Satambha (Tower of Victory) at Chittor was built by which ruler?

Answer:  Rana Kumbha

14. Which is the most efficient engine?

Answer:  Electric

15. Which is the most important small-scale industry in India?

Answer:  Handloom

16. By whom was the book ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ written?

Answer:  Jonathan Swift

17. Why does northwestern India receive substantial rainfall during winter months?

Answer:  Westerly disturbances

18. Who built the temple of the Sun God at Konark?

Answer:  Kapilendra

19. Which bacteria helps in improving soil fertility?

Answer:  Rhizobium

20. The Archaeological Survey of India is an attached office of which Department/Ministry?

Answer:  Culture

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