General Knowledge Set – 162 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

1. Which is gas usually filled in the electric bulb?

Answer:   Nitrogen

2. What is an intrusion of magma along a bedding plane is called?

Answer:   Batholith

3. Of which metal was the famous figure of a dancing girl found in the excavations of Harappa?

Answer:   Bronze

4. Which is nearest to Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research?

Answer:   Mahabalipuram

5. Which part of separated UTI is under SEBI’s regulation?

Answer:   UTI-II

6. What is the principle pathway of water translocation in angiosperms?

 Answer:   Xylem vessel system

7. Which is the highest coal-producing country in the world?

Answer:   China

8. What was the most important feature of the Government of India Act of 1919?

Answer:   Introduction of Dyarchy

9. In which Ministry, the census organization has been functioning on a permanent footing since 1961?

Answer:   Home Affairs

10. Who invented the laser?

Answer:   Charles H. Townes

11. Which country has the largest number of land-border neighboring countries?

Answer:   Russia

12. Which is present in the largest amount in terms of percent by mass in the earth’s crust?

Answer:   Oxygen

13. Which animal was domesticated by the Harappans?

Answer:   Buffalo, sheep, dog, pig.

14. Which Article of the UN Charter established the International Trusteeship System?

 Answer:   75

15. Which tree requires the highest amount of water for growth?

Answer:   Eucalyptus

16. Which is the largest Committee of the Parliament?

Answer:   The Estimates Committee

17. Where are Mulberry trees grown mainly for silk production in China?

Answer:   Yangtze delta

18. Who transferred his capital from Rajgir to Pataliputra?

Answer:   Udayin

19. Which alloys is used for making magnets?

Answer:   Alnico

20. By which bank are the central banking functions in India performed?

Answer:   Reserve Bank of India

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