Computer Science GK-Set 13

326.________ program gives instructions regarding operations inside the computer.

Answer: System software

327. The first electronic computer was made in the year

Answer: 1946

328. The record produced in an audit trail is known as

Answer:  Journal tape

329. A group of magnetic tapes, videos, or terminals usually under the control of one master is called a

Answer:  Cluster

330.________ is an alternative form of binary code.

Answer: Gray code

 331. Which of the following layers is responsible for token management?

Answer:  Network layer

332. In a ________ topology, a network that contains multiple hubs is most likely configured.

Answer:  Tree

333. Communication between a computer and a CPU uses ________ transmission mode.

Answer: Simplex

334.ISDN is an acronym for

 Answer: Integrated Services Digital Network

335. In which of the following networks, irregular topologies are used?

Answer: WAN

336.________ standard describes the CSMA/CD protocol.

Answer:  IEEE 802.3

337. COBOL is used in ________ applications.

Answer:  Commercial

338. In MS Excel, to display the current date only ________ is used.

Answer:  Today ()

339. To rename the currently highlighted object ________ is used.

 Answer:  F2

340. To display the window system properties dialogue, which of the following short cut keys is used?

Answer:  Windows key + Pause

341. A permanent virtual circuit involves

Answer: Data transfer

342.________ input/output device is not associated with personal computers.

Answer: Punched cards

343. A computer enthusiast is called

Answer:  None of these

344. The actual execution of instructions in a computer takes place in

Answer:  Arithmetic logic unit

345.________ function displays row data in a column or column data in a row. Answer:  Transpose

346. Multiple calculations can be done by a single formula using

Answer:  Array formula

347. Which of the following charts can be created in Excel?

Answer: All the above

348.________ type of commercial Internet service providers are most widely used.

Answer: National

349. Moving from one website to another is called

Answer:  Surfing

350. Which of the following is not one of the basic elements of an e-mail message?

Answer: Footer

351. Newsgroups use a special network of computers called

Answer:  Use net

352.________ are specialized utility programs that make using the Internet and the web easier and safer.

Answer:  Web Utilities

353. The process that rearranges file fragments into contiguous files is called

Answer:  Unflagging

354.________ virus describes the awful consequences of not acting immediately.

Answer:  Misleading e-mail

355. A computer infected with a malware bot is called

Answer:  Zombie

356. POS data entry system is used most extensively by the

Answer: Grocery industry

357. A ________ is a non-impact printer that can produce very high-quality, letter-perfect printing.

Answer:  Laser printer

358. A computer can do nothing without a

Answer:  Program

359. RAM chip was invented by ________ company.

Answer:  Intel

360. The first item defined for a new system is its

Answer:  Outputs

361. The language that the computer can understand and execute is

Answer:  Machine language

 362. The number used to identify a storage location is called

Answer:  An address

363. A CD-ROM is

Answer: An optical ROM

364. The computer device used primarily to provide hard copies is

Answer:  Line printer

365. Which of the following devices can be used directly to input printed text? Answer:  OCR

366. In computer terminology, a compiler is

Answer:  A program that translates a source program into object code

367. The best graphics reproduction is produced by

Answer:  Laser printer

368. AND and NOT logical operations are performed in

Answer:  ALU

369. Ethernet uses

Answer:  Bus topology

370. The single-user operating system does not have

Answer: CPU scheduling module

371. Computers send data to peripherals with the help of

Answer:  Parallel I/O interface  

372. Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) lines provide

Answer:  Both data and voice circuits

373. A transaction file is a type of

Answer: Data file

374. Which of the following programs is not a utility?

Answer:  Spooler

375. The operating system manages

Answer:  All of these

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