Tamilnadu General Knowledge Questions and Answers Set – 2

1.Which among the following is a Tamil grammatical treatise?
Answer: Tolkappiam
Solution: Tolkappiyam is a work on the grammar of the Tamil language It is written in the form of short formulaic compositions and comprises three books – the Ezhuttadikaram, the Solladikaram and the Poruladikaram.It deals with orthography, phonology, morphology, semantics, prosody and the subject matter of literature.

2. Which city is also referred to as “the Pump City” ?
Answer: Coimbatore
: Coimbatore is also referred to as the “Pump City” and it supplies nearly half of India’s requirements of motors and pumps.

3. Kuyil Pattu” is a famous work ascribed to which among the following Tamil Poets?
Answer: Subramanya Bharathi
Solution: Subramanya Bharathi (1882-1921) was a Tamil writer, poet, journalist, Indian independence activist and social reformer, popularly known as Mahakavi Bharathiyar.

4. In which of the famous temple of Tamil Nadu, Shiva is worshipped as “Natraja”?
Answer: Chidambaram
Solution: In Chidambaram temple Lord Shiva is worshipped as Natraja which is dancing form of lord Shiva. It is Tamil Nadu.

5. In which year legislative council of Tamilnadu was abolished?
Answer: 1986
Solution:The Tamil Nadu Legislative Council (Abolition) Bill, 1986 was passed by both houses of the Parliament and received the assent of the president on 30 August 1986. The Act came into force on 1 November 1986 and the council was abolished.

6. Tamil Nadu does not share its border with which of the following states?
Answer: Telangana
Solution: Tamil Nadu’s boundaries are as follows: Andhra Pradesh to the North, Karnataka to the Northwest, Bay of Bengal and Puducherry to the East, Indian Ocean to the South, Kerala to the West.

7. In which year, Municipal corporation of Chennai was established?
Answer: 1688
Solution :
The Greater Chennai Corporation (previously Madras) is the Oldest Municipal Institution in India established on the 29th September 1688.

8. What is the southernmost latitude of Tamil Nadu?
Answer : 8° 5′ N
Tamilnadu is situated at the south eastern end of the Indian peninsula , between Latitude 8° 5′ N and 13° 35′ N and between Longitudes 76° 15′ E and 80° 20’E.

9. In which year, name Chennai from Madras was officially changed?
Answer: 1996
Chennai was previously called Madras. Madras was the shortened name of the fishing village Madraspatnam, where the British East India Company built a fort and factory (trading post) in 1639–40. Tamil Nadu officially changed the name of the city to Chennai in 1996.

10. What is the name of seat of Corporation of Chennai?
Answer: Ripon Building
The Ripon Building is the seat and headquarters of the Greater Chennai Corporation in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

11. Who among the following built the Parthasarathy Temple ?
Answer : Narasimhavarman I
Narasimhavarman I Parthasarathy Temple was build by Pallava King Narasimhavarman I in 8th century. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

12. Who is the first person to receive Padma Vibhushan award?
Answer: A. Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar
Solution: The first recipients of the Padma Vibhushan were Satyendra Nath Bose, Nandalal Bose, Zakir Husain, Balasaheb Gangadhar Kher, V. K. Krishna Menon, and Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, who were honored in 1954.

13. Who was the author of Kalingattuparani?
Answer: Jayamkondar
Kalingattuparani is a 12th-century Tamil poem and a war song by Jayamkondar, celebrating the victory of Kulottunga Chola I over the Kalinga king, Anantavarman Chodaganga in the Chola-Kalinga war.

14. What is the state festival of Tamilnadu?
Answer: Pongal
Pongal is the state festival of Tamil Nadu. It is a harvest festival that lasts for four days and is celebrated in the middle of January. The festival is a show of appreciation and gratitude to the Sun God for helping with agriculture.

15. Which one is the first regular newspaper in the Tamil language?
Answer : Swadesamitran
Swadesamitran (1881–1985) was the first Tamil language newspaper owned and operated by Indians. It was published in Chennai (then called Madras). It was founded by G Subramania Aiyer who also served as the paper’s first editor.

16. What is the state dance of Tamilnadu?
Answer: Barathanattiyam
Bharatanatyam is a dance of Tamil Nadu in southern India. It traces its origins back to the Natyashastra, an ancient treatise on theatre written by the mythic priest Bharata. Originally a temple dance for women, Bharatanatyam often is used to express Hindu religious stories and devotions.

17. The Hindu newspaper was founded in the year?
Answer: 1878
The Hindu was founded in Madras on 20 September 1878 as a weekly newspaper, by what was known then as the Triplicane Six consisting of four law students and two teachers:- T. T. Rangacharya, P. V.

18. What is the state game of Tamilnadu?
Answer: Kabaddi
Kabaddi is the state sport of Tamil Nadu. The word “kabaddi” is derived from the Tamil word “kai-pudi” meaning “to hold hands”. It is also known as sadu-gudu.

19. Which queen is also known as brave woman Tamilnadu?
Answer: Velu Nachiyar
Velu Nachiyar was a queen of the Sivaganga estate from c. 1780–1790. She was the first Indian queen to wage war with the East India Company in India. She is known by Tamils as Veeramangai (“brave woman”).

20. What is the state bird of Tamilnadu?
Answer: Emerald Dove
Instead, one should anticipate it as the multicolored Emerald dove, the state bird of Tamil Nadu, which, of late, has become a common sight in this area.

21. Total geographical area of Tamil Nadu ?
Answer: 1,30,058 sq. km
Tamil Nadu, the Southernmost State of the country has a geographical area of 1,30,060 sq km which is 3.96% of the total geographical area of India.

22. What is the state animal of Tamilnadu ?
Answer: Nilgiri Tahr
The Nilgiri tahr is the only mountain ungulate in southern India amongst the 12 species present in India. It is also the state animal of Tamil Nadu.

23. Mullaperiyar dispute is between Tamilnadu and _
Answer: Kerala
The control and safety of the dam and the validity and fairness of the lease agreement have been points of dispute between Kerala and Tamil Nadu states. Supreme court judgment came on 27 February 2006, allowing Tamil Nadu to raise the level of the dam to 152 ft (46 m) after strengthening it.

24. Where is National – Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is situated ?
Answer: Chennai

Solution: The stadium is located at Sydenhams Road, Park Town behind the Chennai Central suburban railway station and the Ripon Building. Tamil Nadu football team, which plays in Santosh Trophy and Chennaiyin FC, the Indian Super League team representing the city, use the stadium as their home ground.

25. Tirupur is located on the banks of river ?
Answer: Noyyal
Tiruppur is located at11.1075°N 77.3398°E on the banks of the Noyyal River.

26. Where is Mudumalai National Park is situated ?
Answer: Nilgiri
Solution :
Mudumalai National Park is a national park in the Nilgiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu, south India. It covers 321 km2 (124 sq mi) at an elevation range of 850–1,250 m (2,790–4,100 ft) in the Nilgiri District and shares boundaries with the states of Karnataka and Kerala.

27. Who is called the father of the pure Tamil movement?
Answer: Maraimalai Adigal
Maraimalai Adigal (15 July 1876 – 15 September 1950) was a Tamil orator and writer and father of the Pure Tamil movement. He was a fervent Saivite Hindu. He wrote more than 100 books, including works on original poems and dramas, but the most famous are his books on his research into Tamil literature.

28. Which festival is celebrated in north India when Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu?
Answer : Makar Sankranti
: Makar Sankranti is the festival celebrated in North India and Pongal is celebrated in south India, especially in Tamil Nadu.

29. Which Industry flourishes in Coimbatore-Tiruppur belt in Tamil Nadu?
Industry, with 50% of India’s textile mills in Tamil Nadu and complementary clusters of knitting, weaving and medical devices manufacturing in Coimbatore and Tiruppur, the region provides immense opportunities for Meditech investments.

30. Which of the following city of Tamil Nadu is known as world’s largest producer and most important trading center of turmeric in Asia?
Answer: Erode
Erode, a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is the world’s largest producer of and the most important trading center for turmeric.

31. How many districts of Tamil Nadu share the coastline?
Answer: 13
There are 13 districts that share the coastline namely Thiruvallur, Chennai, chengalpattu, Villupuram, Cuddalore, Mayildathurai, Nagapattinam, Tiruvarur, Thanjavur, Pudukottai, Ramanathapuram, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari.

32. Who led the French forces during the “Siege of Madras”?
Answer: Thomas Arthur
Siege of Madras refers to an important event during the 7 years’ war when the British and French were fighting in India for their supremacy. It was a seizure of the Madras which was divided into Black Town and White town at that time. The Black town referred to the area populated by the Indian Natives and the White town referred to the area populated by the British around St. Fort George. The French invaded the black town which remained unprotected. Here, they looted the houses of the natives. They advanced toward the White Town where they are resisted by the British Forces. The French were led by Thomas Arthur, Lally. When additional British forces arrived in Madras, the French withdrew and this was a huge setback for the French.

33. Who among the following was the first Indian to sit as a judge of the Madras High Court?
Answer: T. Muthuswamy Iyer
Sir Thiruvarur Muthuswamy Iyer KCIE (28 January 1832 – 25 January 1895) was an Indian lawyer who, in 1877, became the first native Indian to be appointed as judge of the Madras High Court.

34. In which year was the Namakkal District formulated _
Answer: 1997
Namakkal District is one of the 38 districts (an administrative district) in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The district was bifurcated from Salem District with Namakkal town as headquarters on 25 July 1996 and started to function independently from 1 January 1997.

35. Udayagiri Fort is located in_______
Answer : Kanniyakumari
The fort in Tamil Nadu is located 14 kilometers (8.7 mi) from Nagercoil in Thuckalay Town, Kanyakumari District on the Thiruvananthapuram-Nagercoil National highway at Puliyoorkurichi. This was the most important military barracks of the Travancore rulers when Padmanabhapuram was their capital.

36. How many major harbors are there in Tamil Nadu?
Answer : 3
The state of Tamil Nadu has a natural coastline to a length of 992 km, on which there are three major ports and fifteen minor ports situated.

37. The place known as the egg basket of Tamil Nadu is _
Answer: Namakkal
Namakkal is known as the Egg City due to its large egg production and Transport city.The major producer of Eggs in the Southern Region. Hence, called an ‘ Egg City ‘.

38. The Madura Mission was established in the year?
Answer: 1606
Madura Mission owes its origin to Robert de Nobili, who commenced at Madura, in 1606, that particular method of incorporating the local custom and traditions in evangelizing. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) established the American Madura Mission (AAM) in July 1834 with seven missionaries from Jaffna, Ceylon, India.

39. Which of the following was called as Dandi of Tamil Nadu?
Answer: Vedaranyam
Rajagopalachari is popularly called “Rajaji”. The march led by Rajaji was called the “Vedaranyam March” and was part of the Civil Disobedience Movement. Historically this town is famous for its Salt Sathyagaraha movement in 1930, headed by C. Rajagopalachary, parallel to that of the Dandi March of Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian Independence struggle.

40. Botanical Survey of India is located in Tamil Nadu at _
Answer: Coimbatore
Botanical Survey of India is located in Tamil Nadu at Southern Regional Centre, Coimbatore.

41. In which year, UNESCO added the Nilgiri Mountain Railway as World Heritage Site __
Answer: 2005
Indian Railways is the proud owner of four UNESCO accorded World Heritage Sites namely Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (1999), Nilgiri Mountain Railway (2005), Kalka Shimla Railway (2008) and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai (2004).

42. The Thiruvalluvar Day is celebrated every year on __
Answer: 15th January
Thiruvalluvar Day is celebrated on January 15 or January 16. It is celebrated as a part of Pongal (or Sankranti) celebrations in Tamil Nadu. The day is celebrated to honor the contribution of the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar to Tamil literature. Thruvalluvar wrote Thirukkural.

43. Which one is the first city to obtain ISO 14001-2004 certified municipality in Asia for environmental management __
Answer: Namakkal
Namakkal municipality, the first ISO 14001-2004 certified municipality in Asia for environmental management, is all set to implement the Rs.

44. Which temple is featured in the official Seal of Tamil Nadu?
Answer: Srivilliputhur Andal temple
The gopuram in the emblem is a generic and specific reference to the Srivilliputhur Andal temple tower (gopuram) came to be known as the state emblem, even in government records due to the TKC-Reddy episode.

45. Which temple is featured in the official Seal of Tamil Nadu ?
Answer : Srivilliputhur Andal temple
Solution :
The gopuram in the emblem is a generic and specific reference of the Srivilliputhur Andal temple tower (gopuram) came to be known as the state emblem, even in government records due to the TKC-Reddy episode.

46. Who among the following was called as Dadabhai of Tamil Nadu?
Answer: C. Vijayaragavachariyar
Solution :
The following was called as Dadabhai of Tamil Nadu C. Vijayaragavachariyar.He is known as the Grand Old Man of India. He was the first Indian who was a mem.

47. The first railway station was built in Tamil Nadu at
Answer: Royapuram
Royapuram is a locality in the Northern part of Chennai City, Tamil Nadu, most known for the Royapuram Railway Station, the first railway station of south India opened in 1856, and is today the oldest surviving railway station of India, slated for demolition to accommodate Chennai Metro shortly.

48. The Chennai Central railway station was opened in the year?
Answer: 1873
Solution: The Chennai Central Station was opened in 1873 with only four platforms and George Harding designed the building.

49. Who is the only appointed Governor of Tamil Nadu to have served two terms in office?
Answer: Surjit Singh Barnala
Surjit Singh Barnala is the only appointed Governor to have served two terms in office (24 May 1990–15 February 1991 and 3 November 2004–31 August 2011). The longest term in office was that of Surjit Singh Barnala who served as the Governor for a period of almost six and a half years (3 November 2004–31 August 2011).

50. Who among the following built the Parthasarathy Temple?
Answer: Narasimhavarman I
Parthasarathy Temple was built by Pallava King Narasimhavarman I in the 8th century. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

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