General Knowledge Set – 216 RRB Exam:

1. What will be the best colours for a Sun umbrella?

Answer:  White on top and black on the inside

2. What is deficit financing?

Answer:  Spending in excess of revenue

3. What is the official language of the East African Development Bank?

Answer:  French

4. In which State is Namchik-Namphuk Coalfields located?

Answer:  Arunachal Pradesh

5. Tulsidas composed his ‘Ramcharitamanasa’ in the reign of which ruler?

Answer:  Akbar

6. In the human body which structure is the appendix attached to?

Answer:  Large intestine

7. Which is concerned with the regularity and economy of expenditure of government?

Answer:  Public Accounts Committee

8. How many Regional Commissions are established by the UN Economic and Social Council?

Answer:  5

9. Which place gets the least rainfall?

Answer:  Jodhpur

10. In which Veda does the word ‘gotra’ first appearance with the meaning of a clean’?

Answer:  Atharva Veda

11. How is the tax which is paid by the person on whom the tax is incident?

Answer:  Direct tax

12. What is saliva in a man?

Answer:  Alkaline

13. The inspiration for ‘Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity was derived from which revolution?

Answer:  French revolution

14. Which latitude passes through India?

Answer:  Tropic of Cancer

15. By which monk was Ashoka much influenced?

Answer:  Upagupta

16. A virtual image larger than the object can be formed by which mirror?

Answer:  Concave mirror

17. Who won the Jnanpith award for the Year 2011?

Answer:  Pratibha Ray

18. Which was the journalist who refused to accept Padma Bhushan?

Answer:  Arun Shourie

19. The Earth turns 360° in 24 hours. How much time does Each 15° longitude represent?

Answer:  One hour

20. Which dynasty’s founder was an elected king?

Answer:  Pala

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