General Knowledge Set -215 SSC Exam:

1. What is the largest lymphatic organ of the body?

Answer: Spleen

2. Indian Constitution recognises minorities on which basis?

Answer: Religion

3. What does Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles produce as “exhaust”?

Answer: H2O

4. Which is a landlocked country?

Answer: Hungary

5. Who deserves the credit for the construction of Lal Quila at Agra ?

Answer: Akbar

6. In Which city the Asian Games first took place?

Answer: New Delhi

7. Which place does Buyer’s market denote?

Answer: The demand exceeds the supply

8. Where is Pituitary gland present?

Answer: Below the brain

9. Nine Degree Channel separate which regions?

Answer: Lakshadweep and Minicby

10. Who Gandhian follower was a teacher by profession?

Answer: J. B. Kriplani

11. How the Constitution describes India?

Answer: As a Union of States

12. What is an example of Miscelles System here?

Answer: Soap + Water

13. Ismat Chughtai is associated with which field?

Answer: Literature

14. Lakshadweep Islands are the product of which creature?

Answer:  Reef formation

15. Who conceived the idea of Pakistan?

Answer: Chowdhary Rahmat Ali

16. In which festival are boat races a special feature?

Answer: Onam

17. Which part of human brain is most highly developed as compared to others?

Answer: Cerebrum

18. Between which a government is federal or unitary on the basis of relations?

Answer:  Centre and States

19. Which oil fields of India is the oldest and still producing oil?

Answer: Digboi

20. Which Mughal Emperor introduced the policy of Sulah-i-kul?

Answer: Akbar

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