General Knowledge Set – 138 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

  1. Why are the Fundamental Freedoms under Article 19 suspended during an emergency?
    Answer: War or external aggression
  1. Which acid is used in synthetic lemonade?
    Answer: Citric acid
  1. Economic Planning is a subject of which list?
    Answer: Union List
  1. What is the position of the Indian Railways network in the world?
    Answer: Fourth
  1. Who identified the name Sandrocottus as Chandragupta Maurya?
    Answer: William Jones
  1. Central Arid Zone Research Institute is located in which state?
    Answer: Rajasthan
  1. Which primate is nearest to modern man?
    Answer: Gorilla
  1. What does the theory of Fundamental Rights imply?
    Answer: Limited government
  1. Which is the correct sequence in terms of descending values of Albedo?
    Answer: Snow, forest, water
  1. During the Mughal rule, by which name was the copper coin known?
    Answer: Dam
  1. At absolute zero temperature, what will be the kinetic energy of the molecules?
    Answer: Zero
  1. Where is the headquarters of the Oil and National Gas Commission?
    Answer: Dehradun
  1. By which ministry is the Economic survey published?
    Answer: Ministry of Finance
  1. Which is the instrument that measures air pressure?
    Answer: Barometer
  1. The Battle of Khanwa in 1527 was fought between which rulers?
    Answer: Babur and Rana Sanga
  1. The middle ear is not found in snakes. Through part do they receive sound?
    Answer: Skin
  1. In which of the Parliamentary Financial Committees is the Rajya Sabha not represented?
    Answer: Estimates Committee
  1. By whom was the quantum theory first enunciated?
    Answer: By Max Planck
  1. Which river emerges from the Amarkantak plateau in Madhya Pradesh?
    Answer: Narmada
  1. ‘The world is God and God is my soul’ In which is the philosophy contained?
    Answer: Upanishads

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