General knowledge quiz set 12: important question for government exam. 

1. Panipat Refinery belongs to?

Answer: Haryana (IOCL).

2. Dadabhai Naoroji worked as a professor in which University?

Answer: Elphinstone College.

3. Indo-Pak war in which year?

Answer: 1971.

4. Which is most populous state according to 2011 census?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

5. How many sq km thr forest cover of India according to 2015 survey?

Answer: 7,01,673 sq km.

6. How many world heritage site in India by UNESCO?

Answer: 32.

7. In Computer, Which change source code into object code?

Answer: Assembler.

8. Which is not related to genetic engineering?

Answer: GMO.

9. What is the National Game of USA?

Answer: Baseball.

10. Who invented the law of Inertia?

Answer: Newton.

11. How many medals India gets in 12th South Asian Game?

Answer: 188.

12. Bio Diesel Locomotive Coming in which Railway Zone?

Answer: Hubli Division.

13. Which of the following is not a programming language?

Answer: Assembly Language.

14. Rank of India in Human Development Index?

Answer: 130.

15. What is the full form of ISI?

Answer: Inter Services Intelligence.

16. Vasco Da gama reached first at which place in India?

Answer: Kappad, Kerala.

17. Tawang Monastery, in the Indian state of?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh.

18. When was the Anti-leprosy day?

Answer: 30 January.

19. Which soldier died on Feb 2016 in Siachen in J&K?

Answer: Hanumanthappa Koppad.

20. Who discovered the Alfred nobel?

Answer: Dynamite.

21. Taj Mahal commissioned by ?

Answer: Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

22. Which acid found in Grapes?

Answer: Tartaric.

23. How many Muscles are used for eye ball? 

Answer: Six.

24. How many number of players in POLO game?

Answer: 4.

25. Who is the first woman Doctor in the world?

Answer: Elizabeth Blackwell.

26. What is the nearest Galaxy to Milky Way?

Answer: Andromeda galaxy.

27. Who build Janther Manther in New Delhi?

Answer: Maharaja Jai Singh II.

28. Which is the national game of China?

Answer: Table Tennis.

29. Why plant leaves are in green colour?

Answer: Chlorophyll.

30. What is the name of the currency in South Africa? 

Answer: South African rand.

31. Zika virus is spreading by?

Answer: Aedes Mosquito.

32. What is the full form of IPTL?

Answer: International Premier tennis league.

33. Where is valley international park located?

Answer: USA.

34. What is reason behind yellow colour of Papaya?

Answer: Flavonoids.

35. Who is founder of servant of Indian society?

Answer: Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

36. What is the full form of UPS?

Answer: Uninterrupted power supply.

37. For which effect Einstein got nobel prize?

Answer: Law of Photoelectric effect.

38. Importance behind gov of India act 1935?

Answer: Main source of Indian constitution.

39. Which vegetable is the main source of Vitamin-A?

Answer: carrots.

40. Indian institute of vegetable research is at?

Answer: Varanasi.

41. Which state is Valley of flowers?

Answer: uttarakhand.

42. Name the 11th PM in Pakistan?

Answer: Benazir Bhutto.

43. For what purpose the World bank given money in December?

Answer: Swacch bharat mission.

44. Shape milky way galaxy?

Answer: Spiral.

45. Gold medal boxer in asia?

Answer: Mary Kom.

46. Which country invented pencil?

Answer: England.

47. Stand up mission aim?

Answer: Women and SC/ST empowerment.

48. Bihu, celebrated in?

Answer: Assam.

49. Oxygen in photosynthesis is formed from?

Answer: Water/CO2.

50. Plasi war took place on which river?

Answer: Bhagirathi river.

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