List of Sports Terminology:

Name of the SportsSports Terminology
ArcheryBolt, Boss, Bowman, Bullseye, Draw, Fistmele, Gungdo, Nock, Quarrel, Upshot
AthleticsBaton, Bell Lap, Cross Country, Decathlon, Discus Throw, False Start, Field, Foul, Hammer Throw, Heptathlon, High Jump, Hurdles, Javelin, Lane, Lap, Long Jump, Marathon, Middle Distance, Photo Finish, Pole Vault, Record, Relay, Shot Put, Sprint, Starting Blocks, Steeplechase, Track, Track And Field, Triple Jump
BasketballCommon-Foul, Court, Dunk, Free-Throw, Front, Held-Ball, Layup, OverHead, Pivot, Rebound, Steal, Technical-Foul, Under-Head
BaseballPinching, Homerun, Base runner, Perfect game, Throw, Strike, Put out, Ant-Rubber Bunting, Diamond, Home, Out, etc.
BadmintonShuttlecock, Service court, Double fault, Fore-hand, Back Hand, Smash, Hit, Drop, Net, Love, Court, Deuce, Double Drop, Dunk, Fault, Feint, Flick, Game, Layup, Let, Service, etc.
BilliardsBaulk, Bolting, Break, Cannons, Cue, In Jigger, Leng, Off, Pot, Scratch, Scoring, Cushion billiards
BoxingKnock out, Ring Stoppage, Punch, Round, Upper-cut, Kidney punch, Timing, Footwork, Accidental Butt, Bleeder, Bolo Punch, Bout, Brawler, Break, Buckle, Canvas, Card, Caught Cold, Clinch, Corkscrew Punch, Corner man, Counterpunch, Cross, Cut man, Dive, Eight Count, Glass Jaw, Haymaker, Liver Shot, Low Blow, Mauler, Neutral Corner, Plodder, Ring Generalship, Roughhousing, Southpaw, Spar, Stable mate, Technical Knockout, Walkout Bout, Whiskers etc.           
BridgeMaster point, Grand slam, Perfect deals, Dummy, Trump, Diamonds, Grand Little Revoke, Ruff, Slam, Tricks, etc.
ChessGambit, move, resign, stalemate, checkmate, Grandmaster,  international master, Kings Indian Defence, etc.
CricketToss, Run, Wicket, Pitch, Stump, Bails, Crease, Pavilion, Gloves, Wicket Keeper, Over, , Follow on, Rubber, Spin, Ashes, Catch, Bowled, Stump out, Run out, L. B. W; Hit Wicket, Googley, Not out, No ball, Wide ball, Dead ball, Maiden over, Overthrow, Bye, Leg by, Cover drive, Late cut, Hook, Glance, Stroke, Shot, Pull, Sixer, Follow Through, Turn, Bouncer, Hat trick, Round the wicket, Over the wicket, Seamer, Boundary line, Slip, Square leg, Runner, Cover, Yorker, Gully, Long on, Silly point, Midwicket, Mid on, Forward short leg, Deep/mid-wicket, etc. 
Cycling      Sprint, Time trial, Track race, Point race,  etc.
FootballKick, Goal, Head, Penalty kick, Dribble, Offside, Move, Hat trick, Foul, Left out, Right out, Stopper, Defender, Side back, Pass, Baseline, Rebound, Comer back, etc.
Golface, albatross, double eagle, all square, approach putt, apron, ball mark, ballooning, beach, birdie, blind shot, bogey, bunker, caddy, chip, Claw grip, condor, dogleg, dub, flag, Four-Ball, Mulligan, off the deck, peg, sand trap, tee shot etc.              
GymnasticsParallel bar, Horizontal bar, Push up, Floor exercise, Uneven bar, Sit up. etc.
Horse RidingThree-day Event, Dresses, Show jumping, Faults, Jockey, Jumping, Place, Protest, Punter, Show Win, etc.
HockeyAstroturf, Bully, Carried, Carry, Centre-Forward, Corner, Cut, Dribble, Goal, Half-Back, Hat-Trick, Left-In, Left-Out, Off-Side, Penalty Stroke, Push in, Scoop, Short-Corner, Stick, Striking-Circle, Striking-Circle, Sudden-Death, Tie-Breaker, Under-Cutting, Undercutting
JudoCocoa, white, , Blue,  Green belt, etc.
Kho-KhoChaser, Foul, Out, Pole-By, Runner
KabaddiBonus-Line, Corner, Cover, Raid, Tackle
Lawn Tennis  Ace, Advantage, Back-Hand-Drive, Baseline, Break, Break-Point, Deuce, Double-Fault, Drop-Shot, Forehand, Game-Point, Grand slam, Grass Court, Net, Net play, Service, Shot, Smash, Volley
PoloPolo-Bunker, Mallet, Chukker,  etc.
Rugby  Football Choke, Drop-Kick, Dump, Full-Back, Hooker, Mauls, Quarter-Back, Screen, Scrum
SwimmingFreestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly stroke, Lane, Pool, Crawl, etc.
ShootingRapid fire Pistol, Standard rifle, Free pistol, Air rifle,  Range, Bull’s eye, etc.
TennisService, Grand slam, Deuce, Advantage, Game Point, Breakpoint, Smash, Shot, Break, Grass Court, Drop shot, Net play, Baseline, etc.
Table TennisVolley, Late service, Drive spin, Half volley, Backhand, Chop, etc.
VolleyballSpikers, Booster, Deuce,  Smash, Sidearm, Penetration, etc
WrestlingFreestyle, Point, Hal Nelson, Heave, etc  
Weight LiftingJerk, Snatch,  etc

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