List of Indian Navy Admirals:

The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces. The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Navy. The Chief of Naval Staff, a four-to-star admiral, commands the navy.

Name of Indian Navy AdmiralsPeriod
Rear Admiral J.T.S.Hall15.08.1947 to 14.08.1948
Admiral Sir Edward Parry15.08.1948 to 13.10.1951
Admiral Sir Mark Pizey14.10.1951 to 21.07.1955
Vice Admiral Sir Stephen Carlill22.07.1955 to 21.04.1958
Vice Admiral R.D.Katari22.04.1958 to 04.06.1962
Vice Admiral B.S.Soman05.06.1962 to 03.031966
Admiral A.K.Chatterjee04.03.1966 to 27.02.1970
Admiral S.M.Nanda28.02.1970 to 28.02.1973
Admiral S.N.Kohli01.03.1973 to 28.02.1976
Admiral J.L.Cursetji01.03.1976 to 28.02.1979
Admiral R.L.Pereira01.03.1979 to 28.02.1982
Admiral O.S.Dawson01.03.1982 to 30.11.1984
Admiral R.H.Tahiliani01.12.1984 to 30.11.1987
Admiral J.G.Nadkarni01.12.1987 to 30.11.1990
Admiral Ramdas01.12.1990 to 30.09.1993
Admiral V.S.Shekhawat01.10.1993 to 30.09.1996
Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat01.10.1996 to 30.12.1998
Admiral Sushil Kumar31.12.1998  to  29.12.2001
Admiral Madhvendra Singh29.12.2001  to  31.07.2004
Admiral Arun Prakash01.08.2004  to  30.10.2006
Admiral Sureesh Mehta30.10.2006  to  31.08.2009
Admiral Nirmal Verma31.08.2009 to  31.08.2012
Admiral Devender Kumar Joshi31.08.2012 to  26.02.2014
Vice Admiral RK Dhowan26.02.2014 to  31.05.2016
Admiral Sunil Lanba31.05.2016 to  31.05.2019
Admiral Karambir Singh31.05.2019 to  Incumbent

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