List of Governor-General of India:

The Governor-General of India was the representative of the monarch of the United Kingdom and after Indian independence in 1947, the representative of the Indian head of state.

Name of the Governor GeneralPeriod
Warren Hastings20.10.1773 to 08.02.1785
Sir John Macpherson08.02.1785 to 12.09.1786
Charles Cornwallis, The Marquess Cornwallis12.09.1786 to 28.10.1793
Sir John Shore28.10.1793 to 18.03.1798
Alured Clarke (acting)18.03.1798 to 18.05.1798
Richard Wellesley, Earl of Mornington18.05.1798 to 30.07.1805
The Marquess Cornwallis30.07.1805 to 05.10.1805
Sir George Barlow, Bt (acting)10.10.1805 to 31.07.1807
The Lord Minto31.07.1807 to 04.10.1813
Francis Rawdon-Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings04.10.1813 to 09.01.1823
John Adam (acting)09.01.1823 to 01.08.1823
The Lord Amherst01.08.1823 to 13.03.1828
William Butterworth Bayley (acting)13.03.1828 to 04.07.1828
Lord William Bentinck04.07.1828 to 20.03. 1835
Charles Metcalfe, Bt (acting)20.03. 1835 to 04.03.1836
Lord Auckland (1836-1842)04.03.1836 to 28.02.1842
The Lord Ellenborough28.02.1842 to June 1844
William Wilberforce Bird (acting)June 1844 to 23.07.1844
Henry Hardinge23.07.1844 to12.01.1848
The Earl of Dalhousie12.01.1848 to 28.02.1856
The Viscount Canning28.02.1856 to 31.10.1858
The Viscount Canning01.11.1858 to 21.03.1862
The Earl of Elgin21.03.1862 to 20.11.1863
Robert Napier (acting)21.11.1863to 02.12.1863
William Denison (acting)02.12.1863 to 12.01.1864
Sir John Lawrence, Bt12.01.1864 to 12.01.1869
The Earl of Mayo12.01.1869 to 08.02.1872
Sir John Strachey (acting)09.02.1872 to 23.02.1872
Lord Napier (acting)24.02.1872 to 03.05.1872
The Lord Northbrook03.05.1872 to 12.04.1876
The Lord Lytton12.04.1876 to 08.06.1880
The Marquess of Ripon08.06.1880 to 13.12.1884
The Earl of Dufferin13.12.1884 to 10.12.1888
The Marquess of Lansdowne10.12.1888 to 11.10.1894
The Earl of Elgin11.10.1894 to 06.01.1899
The Lord Curzon of Kedleston06.01.1899 to 18.11.1905
The Earl of Minto18.11.1905 to 23 11.1910
The Lord Hardinge of Penshurst23.11.1910 to 04.04.1916
The Lord Chelmsford04.04.1916 to 02.04.1921
The Earl of Reading02.04.1921 to 03.04.1926
The Lord Irwin03.04.1926 to 18.04.1931
The Earl of Willingdon18.04.1931 to 18.04.1936
The Marquess of Linlithgow18.04.1936 to 01.10.1943
The Viscount Wavell01.10.1943 to 21.02.1947
The Viscount Mountbatten of Burma21.02.1947 to 21.06.1948
Chakravarti Rajagopalachari21.06.1948 to 26.01.1950

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