List of Important Boundary Lines:

Boundary Line NameBoundary Line Between Countries
17th ParallelNorth Vietnam and South Vietnam before the two were united.
24th ParallelIndia and Pakistan, are not accepted by India.
26th Parallel SouthCircle of latitude which crosses through Africa, Australia, and South America.
30th Parallel NorthLine of latitude that stands one-third of the way between the equator and the North Pole.
33rd Parallel NorthCircle of latitude which cuts through the southern United States, parts of North Africa, parts of the Middle East, and China.
35th Parallel NorthThe boundary between the State of North Carolina and the State of Georgia
36th ParallelThe southernmost boundary of the State of Missouri with the State of Arkansas.
37th Parallel NorthThe southern boundary of the historic and extralegal Territory of Jefferson.
38th ParallelNorth Korea and South Korea.
40th Parallel NorthThe original northern boundary of the British Colony of Maryland.
41st ParallelThe northern boundary of the State of Colorado with Nebraska
42nd Parallel NorthForms most of the New York – Pennsylvania Border.
43rd Parallel NorthForms most of the boundary between the State of Nebraska and the
45th Parallel NorthHalfway point between the Equator and the North Pole.
45th ParallelThe boundary between Montana and Wyoming.
49th ParallelUnited States of America and Canada.
Durand LinePakistan and Afghanistan
Hindenberg LineGermany and Poland to which German retreated in 1917 during the First World War.
Line of Actual Control (LAC)Effective Boundary between India and China
Line of Control (LoC)Military control line between India and Pakistan
Maginot LineFrance and Germany.
Mannerheim LineRussia and Finland.
Mason-Dixon LineLine of demarcation between four states in the United State.
Marginal LineLine of fortification on the Russia-Finland border.
MacMahon LineIndia and China were drawn by Sir Henry McMahon, but China does not approve of it.
Oder‐Neisse LinePoland and East Germany.
Radcliffe LineIndia and Pakistan drew by Cyril Radcliffe in 1947.
Siegfried LineFrance and Germany.

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