List of First in the World:

Asian city to host Olympics   Tokyo
First Adventurer flying successfully across the English Channel without aircraftFelix Baumgartner
First animated color cartoon of a full feature-lengthSnow white and seven dwarf
First Asian city to host Olympic gameTokyo, Japan
First Batsman to score three test centuries in three  successive tests on debutMohammad Azharuddin
First Blind Man to scale Mt. EverestErik Weihenmayer
First China Man in SpaceYang Liwei
First Chinese Traveler to IndiaFahein
First City on which the Atom Bomb was DroppedHiroshima (Japan)
First Climate-Neutral CountryMaldives
First Country in Asia to have a UNESCO category one instituteIndia
First Country in the world to introduce internet votingEstonia
First Country in the world to limit banker’s bonusesFrance
First Country printed bookChina
First Country to account for natural assets globallyIndia
First Country to adopt the International Labour Organization (ILO)Brazil
First Country to appoint LokpalSweden
First Country to approve stem cell therapySouth Korea
First Country to ban amalgam fillingsNorway
First Country to ban capital punishmentVenezuela
First Country to ban fur for fashion week eventsNorway
First Country to Ban Human Cloning       Britain
First Country to Ban Plastic Bag     Bangladesh
First Country to ban the use of animal circusesBolivia
First Country to be affected by the industrial revolutionGreat Britain
First Country to block 100000 websitesThailand
First Country to bring out the FIATItaly
First Country to Commence Competitive Examination in Civil ServicesChina
First Country to Deploy 4G in AsiaIndia
First Country to draft its constitution on iPadHungary
First Country to give constitutional status to animal rightsSwitzerland
First Country to give the voting right to womenNew Zealand
First Country to have cruise maneuverable MissileIndia
First Country to host the modern OlympicGreece
First Country to Host NAM summitBelgrade (Yugoslavia)
First Country to Host the Modern OlympicsGreece
First Country to Introduce Internet VotingEstonia
First Country to Issue Paper CurrencyChina
First Country to Issue StampsBritain
First Country to issue stampsGreat Britain
First Country to Launch Artificial Satellite in the SpaceRussia
First Country to launch Radio Telescope Satellite into space        Japan
First Country to launch secretDenmark
First Country to legalize EuthanasiaNetherland
First Country to legalize EuthanasiaNetherland
First Country to make a constitutionUnited States of America
First Country to make education compulsoryPrussia
First Country to make education compulsoryPrussia
First Country to monitor every car journeyBritain
First Country to organize NAM summitBelgrade
First Country to Prepare a ConstitutionU.S.A
First Country to Print BookChina
First Country to recognize ‘third gender’ on census formsNepal
First Country to recognize ‘third gender’ on census formsNepal
First Country to require SMS for aircraft entryBermuda
First Country to require SMS for aircraft entryBermuda
First Country to send humans to the moonUSA
First Country to Send Man to the MoonU.S.A
First Country to set a carbon taxNew Zealand
First Country to set radio telescope satellite in spaceJapan
First Country to sign agreements to set up nuclear reactors in IndiaFrance
First Country to sign biodiversity protocolColombia
First Country to sign enforcement for sentencesItaly
First Country to sign a nuclear agreement with IndiaFrance
First Country to slap ‘Fat tax’ on food productsDenmark
First Country to start the civil service commissionChina
First Country to start paper currencyChina
First Country to start plastic currencyAustralia
First Country to start VAT (Value Added Tax)Brazil and Germany
First Country to use bivalent polio vaccineAfghanistan
First Country to use iris scans on ID cardsMexico
First Country to use the Arabic language for a domain nameEgypt
First Country to Win World Cup FootballUruguay
First Country to win world cup footballUruguay
The first crossword puzzle in the world was publishedBy London Sunday Express
First Developing Country to contribute to the crop Benefit Sharing FundIndonesia
First developing Country to receive doses of donated H1N1 swine flu vaccinesMongolia
First European Country to directly receive Azerbaijani gasGreece
First European to Attack IndiaAlexander, The Great
First European to Reach ChinaMarco Polo
First Foreign Invader to IndiaAlexander the Great
First Governor General of the United NationsTrigveli (Norway)
First Human in SpaceYuri Gagarin (Russia)
First Man Boxing Champion Tim Hyer
First Man Chess Champion   Wilhelm Steinitz
First Man Heart Transplant Recipient       Louis Washkansky
First Man Heart Transplant was performed byDr. Christian Barnard
First Man to have Climbed Mount Everest TwiceNawang Gombu
First Man to Walk in SpaceAlexei Leonov
First Manned Space Vehicle   Vostok 1, USSR
First Muslim Prime Minister of a CountryBenazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
First Muslim woman to become the Secretary General of Amnesty Internationallrine Zubeida Khan
First Muslim Woman to receive Nobel PrizeShirin Ebadi
First Person (tourist) who Traveled to SpaceDennis Anthony Tito
First Person in SpaceYuri Gagarin
First Person on MoonNeil Armstrong
First Person to cross Antarctic Circle        James Cook
First Person to Fly AeroplaneWright Brothers
First Person to Land on the Moon Neil Armstrong followed byEdwin E. Aldrin
First Person to reach the North PoleRobert Peary
First Person to reach the South PoleAmundsen
First Person to Sail Around the WorldFerdinand Magellan
First Person to Swim Across the English Channel         Captain Mathew Web
First Person to win Nobel Prize in ChemistryJH Wenthoff
First Person to win Nobel Prize in EconomicsRanger Fish and John Tinbergen
First Person to win Nobel Prize in LiteratureRene FA and Silt Pradhom
First Person to win Nobel Prize in MedicineAE Wonn Behring
First Person to win Nobel Prize in PeaceJin F Dunant nad Frederic Peiry
First Person to win Nobel Prize in PhysicsWK Roentgen
First Person to Win Nobel Prize TwiceMarie Curie
First Person who drew the Map of the EarthAnaximander
First Persons to reach Mount EverestSherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary
First Player to Score 100 Goals for One Club         Christiano Ronaldo
First President of the U.S.AGeorge Washington
First Prime Minister of BritainRobert Walpole
First Religion of the WorldHinduism
First religion in the worldSanatan Dharma
First Residents of the International Space StationBill Shepherd (USA), Yuri Gidzanko and Sergei Krikalev (Russia)
First Satellite in Space  Sputnik I
First Shuttle to Go into SpaceColumbia
First South African to become the Second Space  TouristMark Shuttleworth
First Space Astronaut to go into Space Seven Times to dateJerry Ross (U.S.A.)
The first space shuttle launchedColumbia
First Spacecraft to Reach MarsViking-I
The first spaceship landed on MarsVIKING ­– 1
First Talkie Movie in the World The jazz Singer
First U.S. President to resign PresidencyRichard Nixon
First University of the worldTaxila University
First Woman Cosmonaut of the worldValentina Tereshkova (Russia)
First Woman President of a CountryMaria Estela Peron
First Woman President of the U.N. General AssemblyVijaya Lakshmi Pandit
First Woman Prime Minister of a CountryMrs. Srimavo Bhandarnaike
First Woman Prime Minister of EnglandMargaret Thatcher
First Woman Space Tourist   Anousheh Ansari (Iranian-American)
First Woman to Climb Mount EverestMrs. Junko Tabei (Japan)
First Woman to Command a Space Mission ColonelEileen Collins (U.S.A.)
First Woman to Head UN Political Chief  Rosemary Dicarlo
First Woman to set foot on North   Ann Bancroft, USA
First Woman to Win a Grand SlamMaureen Catherine
First Woman to win an Olympic Gold MedalCharlotte Cooper, UK, Tennis
First Woman who reached Antarctica Caroline Mikkelsen (Denmark)
First Youngest Grandmaster of the World in ChessSergey Karjakin (Ukraine)

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