General Knowledge Set – 185 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

1. When was the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution of India added?

Answer. By the first Amendment

2. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute is located at which city?

Answer. Nagpur

3. From where does Indian Railways earn the maximum revenue?

Answer. Freight

4. Through which Strait, does a tunnel connect the United Kingdom and France?

Answer. Strait of Dover

5. Who was the ruler of Chittor, when Alauddin Khilji attacked and conquered it in 1303 A.D. ?

Answer. Rana Ratan Singh

6. What is the vertical component of earth’s magnetic field?

Answer. 0°

7. One molecule of hemoglobin can carry how many atom of oxygen?

Answer. 8

8. Which Constitutional Amendments banned the floor crossing in Parliament?

Answer. 52nd

9. Which is an inland drainage area?

Answer. Rann of Kutch

10. Who was the founder of the first Afghan dynasty in India?

Answer. Bahlol Lodi

11. What is the title of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s autobiography?

Answer. Wings of Fire

12. Which is a source of methane emission into the atmosphere?

Answer. Wetland

13. Concentrated sulphuric acid is always diluted by adding which thing?

Answer. Acid to water

14. The western disturbances which cause rain in north west India originate which sea?

Answer.  Mediterranean Sea

15. Which Sikh Guru who was killed by the orders of Aurangzeb?

Answer. Guru Teg Bahadur

16. By whom was oral polio vaccine discovered?

Answer. Jonas Salk

17. Territorial waters of India extends upto how many nautical miles?

Answer. 12

18. Which is the regulatory authority for giving clearance for External Commercial borrowing?

Answer. RBI

19. Which state in India has the largest area under forests?

Answer. Madhya Pradesh

20. What is the birth place of Guru Gobind Singh?

Answer. Patna

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