General knowledge quiz set 4: Essential Tips & Strategies for all competitive Exams.

1. Elisa is the test for AIDS but it is caused by a virus?

Answer:  HIV.

2. Where was Narendra Modi meet Nawaz Sharif to surprise him on his Birthday?

Answer:  Pakistan.

3. Which mineral the Tooth enamel is made up of? 

Answer:  calcium phosphate.

4. Birju maharaj composed a song for Deepika padukone in “Bajirao mastani”?

Answer: Kathak Dancer.

5. Which national park has the world’s two-thirds one-horned rhinos?

Answer: Kaziranga National Park.

6. Ginger is one of the following types?

Answer: Underground stem.

7. Which planet is eliminated from the universe?  

Answer: Pluto.

8. Who built the Qutub Minar, Alai Darwaza(magnificent gateway)?

Answer: Ala-ud-din Khilji.

9.  Which filament is used to make up of Bulb?

Answer: Tungsten.

10. Who is Google’s CEO? 

Answer: Sundar Pichai.

11. What is the Common salt chemical formula? 

Answer: NaCl.

12. Which gas is used for flushing potato chips packet?

Answer: Nitrogen.

13. Which country belongs to Roger Federer?

Answer: Switzerland.

14. Which country belongs to the Hubble Space Telescope?  

Answer: USA.

15. Where is the Satish Dhawan Space center?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh.

16. Present Commerce and industry minister of India? 

Answer: Nirmala Sitharaman.

17. Where is the Bhimbetka rock shelter is located?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh.

18. Which actor will be with Rajinikanth in Enthiran 2?

Answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

19. Mouma Das is related to which game?

Answer: Table Tennis.

20. Name the First human to travel into space?

Answer: Yuri Gagarin.

21. which metal is used for galvanizing iron? 

Answer: Zinc.

22. Which country has the biggest constitution in the World? 

Answer: India.

23. Shashank Subramanyam is related to which instrument?

Answer: Renowned exponent of the Bamboo Flute.

24. The Official language of Afghanistan? 

Answer: Pashto, Dari.

25. Canada’s first space telescope? 

Answer: MOST.

26. Gold is soluble in?

Answer: Aqua Regia.

27. Name the sports Lalita Babar-related?

Answer: Athletics.

28. First Indian Woman Boxer to win Gold in Asian Games?

Answer: Mary Kom.

29. Which of the following refers to Blue Ray Disk?

Answer: Storage disk.

30. Which of the following is not a Board Game?

Answer: Bridge.

31. Which organization held Cricket World Cup?

Answer: International Cricket Council (ICC).

32. Who is the first Indian to go to Space?

Answer: Rakesh Sharma.

33. Where is International Renewable Energy Agency?

Answer: Abu Dhabi.

34. Who got the Best actor award in the 88th Academy Awards?

Answer: Leonardo Dicaprio.

35. What is the Rank of Mukesh Ambani in Forbes richest person in 2016?

Answer: 36.

36. Who got the Arjuna Award 2015 in Kabaddi?

Answer: Manjeet Chillar.

37. What is the fullform of CT in CT scan?

Answer: Computed Tomography.

38. Who was the PM of India for two short periods following the deaths of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1964 and Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1966? 

Answer: Gulzarilal Nanda.

39. What is the standard form for CEC?  

Answer: Chief Election Commission.

40. What is the capital of  Pakistan? 

Answer: Islamabad.

41. Which is the Best picture in the 88th Oscar Award?

Answer: Spotlight.

42. Who led the Bardoli Satyagraha?

Answer: Sardar Vallabhai Patel.

43. What is the full form of an MRI?

Answer: Magnetic Resource Imaging.

44. What is the name of the Currency of Bangladesh?

Answer: Taka.

45. Where is Mecca is located?

Answer: Saudi Arabia.

46. Who is the first woman cosmonaut in the world?

Answer: Valentina Tereshkova.

47. I work @ home by which bank?

Answer: ICICI Bank.

48. What is the main raw material in glass? 

Answer: Silica.

49. Which constituency represents the  Sumitra Mahajan?

Answer: Indore.

50. Chera dynasty ruled which states of India?

Answer: Kerala & Tamil Nadu.

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