1. How many directors would Hinduja Group appointto the board of RCap by RBI, if the resolution plan is approved by the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)?

Answer: 5.

2. In November 2015, the RBI released the first batch of SGB at a price of ₹2,684 per gram. The SGB will have an eight-year term, with the opportunity to redeem early after how many number of years?

Answer: 5years.

3. Which Bank has partnered with HDFC Life in a strategic business alliance to provide its clients with life insurance products?

Answer: Karnataka bank.

4. Which IWIS 2023 edition subject, “Development vis-à-vis Land, Water, and Rivers,” aims to bring together government representatives, stakeholders, and scientists?

Answer: 8th.

5. Which State Food Commissioner’s office issued an order stating that labelling products as halal violates laws passed in 2006 that were meant to ensure quality?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

6. The highly prized tea called Berinag is prepared from the leaves of a shrub that grows wild in the Himalayas. Which state’s product is Berinag tea?

Answer: Uttarakhand.

7. With 1,783 enterprises, Bengaluru emerges as India’s top destination for women-led startups. How many unicorns led by women exist in India right now?

Answer: 14.

8. Frieden, the former minister of finance, takes over as prime minister of Luxembourg. Who is the minister of finance right now?

Answer: Gilles Roth.

9. Who is the Right-Wing Populist who won the Presidential Runoff Election in Argentina?

Answer: Javier milei.

10. How many members of the Advisory Committee experts who have been chosen by the General Assembly to serve on it for a three-year term based on a wide geographic representation?

Answer: 21.


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