1. What is the average GDP growth rate expected by CRISIL for India between FY24 and FY31?

Answer: 6.7%.

2. What is the primary focus of Geert Wilders’ political agenda following his victory in the Dutch elections?

Answer: Immigration and asylum policies.

3. What is the primary focus of research in evolutionary bio-demography?

Answer: Unraveling altruistic social behavior.

4. In which regions are populations ageing at the fastest rate globally?

Answer: Europe and East Asia.

5. What does the term “demographic dividend” refer to?

Answer: A period of economic advantage.

6. How many touch-points have been deployed under the PIDF scheme as of August 2023?

Answer: 2.66 crore.

7. What is the name of the international agreement that India signed with NASA to partner with other nations on space exploration?

Answer: Artemis Accords.

8. Which government agency has approved the merger of IDFC and IDFC First Bank?

Answer: Competition Commission of India (CCI).

9. What was India’s Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in 2022?

Answer: 6.19 million.

10. What recent beneficiaries have been included in the extended PIDF scheme?

Answer: PM Vishwakarma scheme.


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