Current Affairs Gk Question – April 12, 2023

1. Which institutions are covered by the RBI’s guidelines on outsourcing of IT services?

 Answer: Both banks and NBFCs.

2. What does NBFC stand for?

Answer: Non-Banking Finance Company.

3. What is the aim of SBI launching new current accounts and savings accounts in FY24?

 Answer: To attract more customers and deposits.

4. Who is the current chairman of SBI?

 Answer: Dinesh Kumar Khara.

5. What is the current rank of India in terms of the size of its economy?

 Answer: 5th.

6. Which of the following factors are used to determine the size of a country’s economy?

 Answer: Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

7. How many official languages are recognized by the Indian Constitution?

 Answer: 22.

8. What is the criteria for a political party to be recognized as a national party?

 Answer: The party should have at least 10% of the total votes polled in two or more states in Lok Sabha or Assembly elections.

9. What is the name of the organization that India has signed an MoU with to enhance innovation for clean energy transition?

Answer: International Energy Agency (IEA).

10. Which two countries have gained as FPI destinations in FY23?

Answer: Norway and Singapore.

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