1. Recently, which medical institution has won the 2024 Nelson Mandela Award for Health Promotion by WHO?

Answer: NIMHANS, Bengaluru.

2. According to the provisional estimate of the National Statistical Organisation (NSO), what was the growth rate of Indian economy in 2023-24?

Answer: 8.2%.

3. Recently, the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) signed an MoU with which IIT to collaborate on research and training?

Answer: IIT Hyderabad.

4. Recently, which organizations jointly launched ‘BIMReN initiative’ for PhD students?

Answer: Ministry of External Affairs and Bay of Bengal Programme-Inter Governmental Organization.

5. Which institute recently established ‘DRDO-Industry-Academia Centre of Excellence’?

Answer: IIT Kanpur.

6. When is World Bicycle Day celebrated every year?

Answer: June 3.

7. The Chang’e-6 mission was recently sent to the moon by which country?

Answer: China.

8. Recently, which state has received central approval for establishing an IIM?

Answer: Assam.

9. Which country will host the next annual general meeting of the International Air Transport Association?

Answer: India.

10. Who was India’s first female permanent representative to the United Nations who has retired?

Answer: Ruchira Kamboj.


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