1. In which state will South Asia’s largest flying training organization be established?

Answer: Maharashtra.

2. The joint military exercise Maitree is organised between India and which country?

Answer: Thailand.

3. Which country has recently assumed the Presidency of the European Union Council?

Answer: Hungary.

4. How many medals did India win in total in Under 23 Asian Wrestling Championship 2024?

Answer: 7.

5. Where will the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2026 be held?

Answer: India-Sri Lanka.

6. Recently, which organization has approved a $1.5 billion loan to support India’s green hydrogen initiatives?

Answer: World Bank.

7. Recently, the Space Exploration and Research Agency (SERA) announced which country as a partner nation for the human spaceflight programme?

Answer: India.

8. Indian army recently conducted joint military exercise ‘Maitree’ with which country’s army?

Answer: Thailand.

9. Recently, where was the third United Nations conference on Afghanistan held?

Answer: Doha, Qatar.

10. Which organization has recently captured an epic view of the largest volcano in our solar system named Olympus Mons using the Mars Odyssey orbiter?

Answer: NASA.


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