Preparation Tips for the GK Set 2 Exam :

1. In which year the Poona pact was signed?

Answer: 1932.

2. In which year the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was established?

Answer: 1988.

3. India’s victory over New Zealand in the test match series in Mar‐Apr, How many years came after 2009?

Answer: 41.

Answer: Giorgi  Kvirikashvili.

4. Who has been elected as the PM of Georgia on 29th December 2015?

5. What is the age of the universe?

Answer: 13.8 billion years.

6. CBSE’s latest mobile application for providing e‐learning material is called?

Answer: e‐CBSE.

7. Who was the first female Muslim PM in the World?

Answer: Benazir Bhutto.

8. Which book won the award of Gyan Peeth Award for 2015?

Answer: Amruta.

9. In which age the dinosaurs were present on earth?

Answer: Mesozoic Era.

10. Who is the chairman of Yes Bank?

Answer: Radha Singh.

11. What was the Atomic number of Oxygen?

Answer: 8.

12. Subhash Chandra boses founded which party?

Answer: All India Forward Bloc.

13. Name the last king of the Chola dynasty?

Answer: Rajendra Chola III.

14. Who became the only Indian Governor‐General? 

Answer: Rajagopalachari.

15. Who has been honored twice, with the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics and the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry?

Answer: Marie Curie.

16. Where was the second airport in the National Capital Region of Delhi is located?

Answer: Bhiwadi.

17. In which year the First modern summer Olympics is held?

Answer: 1896.

18. Name the Statue unveiled by P.M Modi in UK? 

Answer: Basaveshwara.

19. Who is the Alassane Ouattara ? 

Answer: President of Ivory Coast.

20. Which of the following has atomic number 3?

Answer: Lithium.

21. Who was the founder of Kesari, a Marathi newspaper?

Answer: Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

22. Which country is the World’s first cashless country?

Answer: Sweden.

23. Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon to whom?

Answer: Sarnath.

24. Name the First animal to go into space orbit?

Answer: Dog – Laika.

25. Science that deals with diseases, particularly of men?

Answer: Andrology.

26. Who was the Real founder of the Gupta dynasty?

Answer: Chandragupta 1.

27. Who was the following co‐founder of the Swaraj party?

Answer: Motilal Nehru.

28. In which year the Indian Hockey team won in the Olympics?  

Answer: 1928.

29. Who was the President of the South Asian Wrestling Federation?

Answer: Brij Bhushan Singh.

30. In which year Aryabhata was launched?

Answer: 1975.

31. In which year the Delhi became the capital of India?

Answer: 1931.

32. Who is the opposition leader in Rajya Sabha?

Answer: Ghulam Nabi Azad.

33. Anshu gupta Ramon Magsaysay Award winner?

Answer: Founder of Goonj (NGO).

34. Which day was World Animal Day?

Answer: October 4.

35. Thomas cup was related to which game?

Answer: Badminton.

36. 10 rupees and 125 rupee coin has been created for whom recently?

Answer: Dr.B. R. Ambedkar.

37. Mixed double Wimbledon champion 2015?

Answer: Martina Hingis and Leander Paes.

38. Distance of light traveled in one year?

Answer: 10 trillion Km.

39. In which year was the ASLV launched?

Answer: 1994

40. Radish is based on which root? 

Answer: an edible root.

41. Which planet is called a Red Planet?

Answer: Mars.

42. What is the Study of the liver?

Answer: Hepatology.

43. Galvanization of Steel and iron is done by?

Answer: Zinc.

44. Which of the following mountain comes under a Biodiversity hotspot?

Answer: Western Ghat.

45. Who won the Saraswati Samman award winner in 2014?

Answer: Veerappa Moily.

46. Where was Belur Math is located?

Answer: West Bengal

47. Who is the captain of the T20 women’s world cup winner team in 2016? 

Answer: Stafanie Taylor (West Indies).

48. Who is the  First civilian president of Myanmar?

Answer:  Htin Kyaw.

49. What was the Old name of ICC?

Answer: Imperial Cricket Conference.

50. What was the Official language of Goa?

Answer: Konkani.

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