General knowledge quiz set 8: The Ultimate Guide to Help You Ace Any Competitive Exam.

1. Who is the World Wide Web founder?

Answer: Tim Berners Lee.

2. When was PSLV Launched for the first time?

Answer: 20 SEP 1993.

3. Election Commission does not conduct elections too?                                                                                  

Answer:  Local bodies.

4. Where was the Jami Masjid? 

Answer: Delhi.

5. Name the first Artificial Satellite in World? 

Answer: Sputnik I

6. Who says this ‘ IndAnswer: I am an ambassador to the UK’?

Answer: H.E.Mr.Navtej Sarna.

7. The total amount that can be claimed under the PRADHAN MANTRI SURAKSHA BIMA YOJANA policy?

Answer: INR 2 lakh.

8. where was the virupaksha Temple is located?

Answer: Hampi.

9. In which year did Sri Lanka get Independence?

Answer: 1948.

10. What is the purpose of SAMANVAY?

Answer: To help Members of Parliament (MPs) to utilize relevant schemes in the planning and implementation of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna(SAGY.).

11. Who is the cultural Ambassador for Seychelles?

Answer: A.R. Rahman.

12. Why control rods are used in nuclear reactors?

Answer:  To control the fission rate of uranium and plutonium.

13. One can’t see distant objects? 

Answer: Miopia.

14. What is the present emission standard?

Answer: Bharat Stage IV(BS-IV).

15. Who is the last viceroy before the constitution came into effect?

Answer: Lord Mountbatten.

16. Where is the Tidal Port is located?

Answer: Kutch, Gujarat.

17. Which river is the main tributary of Tungabhadra?

Answer: Krishna River.

18. Fatehpur Sikri is in? 

Answer: UP.

19. Where is the Charminar Monument? 

Answer: Hyderabad.

20. Who is the Chief of the IMF? 

Answer: Christine Lagarde

21. What is the full form of CMOS? 

Answer: Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor.

22. Which is related to Operation Smile?

Answer: missing Children.

23. Where is the Humayun’s Tomb located?

Answer: New Delhi.

24. How many bones are in the spinal cord?

Answer: 33.

25. How many days did the battle of Mahabharata last?

Answer: 18 days.

26. Which river is known as the Kalindi river? 

Answer: Yamuna.

27. What name is given to a series of satellites launched by ISRO?

Answer: Rohini.

28. Who is the first Female President of Nepal?

Answer: Bidhya Devi Bhandari.

29. What is its Rank of India in the Corruption Index 2015?

Answer: 76.

30. What is the article of the uniform civil code of India?

Answer: Article-44.

31. Who is the prime Minister of Nepal? 

Answer: Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli.

32. Who got the award of FIFA Ballon d’Or award 2015?

Answer: Lionel Messi.

33. Who is the founder of the Physical Research Laboratory?

Answer: Vikram Sarabhai.

34. State with Maximum boundaries with other states?

Answer: UP.

35. Who was the first President of the US? 

Answer: George Washington.

36. Who is the inventor of X-ray?

Answer: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen.

37. Where was the Commonwealth Games 2014 held? 

Answer: Glasgow, Switzerland.

38. Which of the following is the lightest gas?

Answer: Helium.

39. Who is the Muhammad Hidayatullah? 

Answer: 11th Chief Justice of India.

40. What is an ecotone?

Answer: Transition area between two biomes

41. Who is the first Woman Prime minister in Sri Lanka?

Answer: Mrs. Sirima Bandaranaike.

42. Star shines due to?

Answer: Thermonuclear fusion.

43. Who is the first Muslim Woman President of the world?

Answer: Benazir Bhutto.

44. Where was the FIFA U-20 World Cup held? 

Answer: New Zealand.

45. Who is the first Chairman of the Banks Board Bureau?

Answer: Vinod Rai.

46. Where was the G20 Summit is held? 

Answer: Turkey.

47. Who is the first Female Judge of the High Court?

Answer: Justice Anna Chandy.

48. How many constellations are named?

Answer: 88.

49. The title Kaiser-e-Hind was given by the British Government to whom?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi.

50. Who was the founder of Modern Agra? 

Answer: Sikandar Lodhi.

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