General knowledge quiz set 7: Strategy to prepare for all Government Exam.

1. Largest silk producer state of India?

Answer: Karnataka.

2. Goecha La pass is in which state?

Answer: Sikkim.

3. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria?

Answer: Microorganisms.

4. Who was appointed as M.D. and CEO of Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd (CMPDI)?

Answer: Shekhar Sharan.

5. Who won the Sangita kalanidhi award in 2015?

Answer: Sanjay Subrahmanyan.

6. What is the full form of SPM?

Answer: Scanning Probe Microscope.

7. Which is the Digital State of India?

Answer: Kerala.

8. Who is the CEO of Flipkart?

Answer: Binny Bansal.

9. No.of bones in human adults?

Answer: 206.

10. Gas in which we live in breathe?

Answer: Carbon dioxide.

11. Which gas is called Laughing gas?

Answer: Nitrous oxide.

12. Which river has the highest bridge?

Answer: Bhagirathi.

13. In which state the maximum silk is produced in India?

Answer: Karnataka.

14. First chocolate made by?

Answer: Hernan Cortes.

15. Who is the current president of Pakistan?

Answer: Mamnoon Hussain.

16. Most poisonous fish in the world?

Answer: pufferfish.

17. PM who hoisted the tricolor maximum times?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru.

18. To kill a mocking word book was written by?

Answer: Lee Harper.

19. Delhi’s only woman ruler?

Answer: Razia Sultan.

20. Where is the golden rock temple (kyaiktiyo pagoda)?

Answer: Myanmar.

21. 2016 Australian open women’s double?

Answer: sania mirza and martina hingis.

22. On which date is celebrated the 8 world heritage day?

Answer: 18 April.

23. Dipika karmakar is in which field?

Answer: gymnastic.

24. Who is the great grand old lady of Bollywood?

Answer: Johra Sehgal.

25. In which instrument is the atmospheric pressure measured?

Answer: barometer.

26. Name the most energy-efficient city in the World?

Answer: reykjavik, Iceland.

27. Function of hydropower plant?

Answer: It converts kinetic energy into electrical energy.

28. APGAR Score is a test to summarize.

Answer: To Summarise the Health of Newborn Babies.

29. who developed genes?

Answer: Gregor Mendel.

30. What Famous temple of buddha in Asia (Borobudur)?

Answer: Indonesia.

31. Who is the captain of the  Australian world cup in 1987?

Answer: Allan border.

32. What is Black gold?

Answer: coal.

33. Who is the BARC director?

Answer: sekhar basu. 

34. Which mineral is the prime content of diamond?

Answer: carbon.

35. Which one is a program?

Answer: Tbasic.

36. Which planet is the hottest in the universe?

Answer: venus.

37. Who is the 8th CM of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: Kalikho Pul.

38. Abhishek Verma belongs to which sport?

Answer: Archery.

39. Who was the founder of the Pal Dynasty?

Answer: Gopal.

40. Pacemaker related to which organ?

Answer: Heart.

41. How many candidates are nominated by President in Rajya Sabha?

Answer: 12.

42. In which place the Osama Bin Laden killed?

Answer: Abbottabad, Pakistan.

43. Where is the Nathula Pass located?

Answer: Gangtok, Sikkim.

44. Where is the Golconda Fort is located? 

Answer: Hyderabad.

45. Assigned Amount Unit (AAU)?

Answer: ‘Kyoto unit’ or ‘carbon credit’ represents an allowance to emit greenhouse gases.

46. Where is the largest Tiger Reserve in India?

Answer: Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam.

47. Who was the viceroy when India got Independence?

Answer: Lord Mountbatten.

48. India’s first district with a high-speed rural broadband network(NOFN)?

Answer: Idukki, Kerala.

49. Who is the Father of Indian Surgery?

Answer: Sushruta.

50. Name of an International Airport in India which runs on Solar power?

Answer: Cochin International Airport.

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