General knowledge quiz set 6: Important question.

1. What is the name of Japan Parliament? 

Answer: Diet.

2. Who is recognized as the greatest of the Early Cholas?

Answer: Karikalan.

3. What is the old name of Singapore?

Answer: Singa Pura.

4. where is the vaigai river is situated?

Answer: Madurai.

5. Who discovered Radioactivity?

Answer: Henri Becquerel.

6. Which state has the largest forest cover in India?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh.

7. NAme the largest Mangrove forest in India?

Answer: Sundarbans.

8. In which place did the AIMS hospital come up in Maharashtra?

Answer: Nagpur.

9. what is the name of India’s First Supercomputer?

Answer: PARAM 8000.

10. What is the percentage of salt the human body contains? 

Answer: 0.4% of the body’s weight.

11. Which temple is fully constructed in granite?

Answer: Brihadeshwara temple.

12. Name the 23rd Governor of RBI?

Answer: Raghuram Rajan.

13. ICC’s number 1 test player?

Answer: Steve Smith.

14. Who is the largest serving Chief Minister in India?

Answer: Pawan Chamling.

15. Where is the Notre Dam Cathedral is located?

Answer: Paris.

16. Who is the inventor of the fountain pen?

Answer: Petrache Poenaru.

17. What is the full form of MMU?

Answer: Memory Management Unit.

18. Who is the inventor of the revolver?

Answer: Samuel Colt.

19. River flows from Tibet?

Answer: Sutlej.

20. Atomic number is equal to?

Answer: no of protons.

21. Who is called a Frontier Gandhi?

Answer: Abdul Gaffar Khan.

22. What is the SI unit of force?

Answer: Newton.

23. What is the full form of MRP?

Answer: Maximum Retail Price.

24. Where is the Fethiye island is located?

Answer: Turkey.

25. The study of heat is known as?

Answer: Thermodynamics.

26. Who is the Richest person as per Forbes global list?

Answer: Carlos Slim.

27. Who invented Fountain Pen?

Answer: Petrache Poenaru.

28. Who was the first ruler of the Vijayanagara empire?

Answer: Hari Hara Bukka.

29. Replanting in the forest is called?

Answer: Reforestation.

30. What is the study of the environment?

Answer: Ecology.

31. Who wrote the stories of the King of the Pallava Dynasty?

Answer: Narasimhavarman I.

32. Where is the highest statue of Christ is located?

Answer: Rio de Janeiro.

33. In which year the PA Sangma served as a Lok Sabha speaker?

Answer: 1996 to 1998.

34. What does MRP means?

Answer: Maximum Retail Price.

35. Who is the president of the ICC?

Answer: Zaheer Abbas.

36. What is the highest possible score in ten-pin bowling?

Answer: 300.

37. Who invented the Mouse?

Answer: Douglas Engelbart.

38. Supreme Commander of Indian Defence Services?

Answer: President.

39. Which country has the Longest bridge in the world?

Answer: China.

40. Right to freedom and liberty in which article of the constitution?

Answer: Article 21.

41. Who is the current chief of the election commission?

Answer: Nasim Zaidi.

42. Largest princely state during Indian Independence?

Answer: Hyderabad.

43. Who presented the railway budget in 2016?

Answer: Suresh Prabhu.

44. Which bacteria convert milk to curd?

Answer: Lactobacillus bacteria.

45. What is the full form of UHT?

Answer: Ultra High Temperature.

46. Who Chinese came to India during the Guptas period?

Answer: Fa Hien.

47. Saina Nehwal belongs to which game?

Answer: Badminton.

48. In which place Rani Lakshmi bai has died?

Answer: Gwalior.

49. What is the brain of a computer?

Answer: C.P.U.

50. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq transferred from Delhi to?

Answer: Daultabad.

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