General knowledge quiz set 3: Improve your skills in a competitive world.

1. What is the distance between the Sun and the Earth?

Answer: 149.6 million km.

2. Which state recently opened the IIM?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

3. Where is the Salar Jung Museum is located?

Answer: Hyderabad.

4. Where is the Indira Gandhi National center for arts is located?

Answer: New Delhi.

5. What is the capital of Mizoram? 

Answer: Aizawl.

6. Who is the captain of the Indian T20 Women’s cricket team in 2016? 

Answer: Mithali Raj.

7. Name the World’s happiest Country in the world? 

Answer: Denmark

8. Name of the Pakistan Parliament?


9. which gas is mostly present in Venus’s atmosphere?

Answer: carbon dioxide.

10. What is the most intelligent mammal on earth? 

Answer: Dolphins.

11. What are the Two atoms, ions, or molecules that have the same electronic structure and a same number of valence electrons? 

Answer: Isoelectronic.

12. What is the standard form for CDM stands?

Answer: Cash Deposit Machine.

13. What is the normal temperature of a human body?

Answer:98.6°F (37°C).

14. What is the Capital of Manipur? 

Answer: Imphal.

15. Which element is used in nuclear fission to observe neutrons?

Answer: Cadmium.

16. Name the Digestive acid in a human body?

Answer: HCL.

17. Pankaj Advani bags the 13th World Snooker Championship by defeating?

Answer:Yan Bingtao of China.

18. H.S.Prannoy related to which game? 

Answer: Badminton.

19. Where is the Jaistambh located?

Answer: Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

20. What is the old name of Allahabad?

Answer: Prayag.

21. What is the Official language of Nagaland? 

Answer: English.

22. Who is Milkha Singh?

Answer: flying Sikh.

23. Who is the Chief Justice of India? 

Answer: T.S Thakur.

24. What is the symbol of the White flag?

Answer: surrender.

25. In 2015 the FDI limit in defense increased from 18% to what %?

Answer: 49%.

26. Which game the Santosh trophy is related to?

Answer: Football.

27. Name the Smallest planet in the universe?

Answer: Mercury.

28. Where is the Pashupatinath temple?

Answer: Nepal.

29. Name the Capital city of Syria?

Answer: Damascus.

30. Where is the Forbidden city of china situated?

Answer: Beijing.

31. Who is appointed as the brand ambassador of ‘Atulya Bharat’?

Answer: Amitabh Bachchan.

32. Bouncing back of a rubber ball from a wall is related to?

Answer: Newton’s 3rd law.

33. Which is used to measure current?

Answer: Galvanometer.

34. Which of the following awards is not received by Sachin Tendulkar?

Answer: Dhyan Chand Award.

35. Who is H S Prannoy?

Answer: Badminton player.

36. Which Prime Ministers got the Bharat Ratna award?

Answer: Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

37. What is the name of a BRICS Bank?

Answer: NDB (New Development Bank).

38. Who is the founder of ABO Blood Group?

Answer: Karl Landsteiner.

39. What is full of TCP in terms of Network?

Answer: Transfer Control Protocol.

40. What is the name of the Largest moon of Pluto?

Answer: Charon.

41. Which is the largest moon in the Solar system?

Answer: Ganymede.

42. When was the AAP Party was established?

Answer: 26 November 2012.

43. Who is the founder of Twitter?

Answer: Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone.

44. Mary Kom belongs to which state?

Answer: Manipur.

45. In IPL Raina and Dhoni played too?

Answer: Rajkot and Pune.

46. Where was the Indira point located?

Answer: Andaman.

47. Gagan Narang and Abhinav Bindra related to which field?

Answer: Shooting.

48. Name the First satellite of India sent towards lunars?

Answer: Chandrayaan 1.

49. The process of coating on the surface of a metal with zinc?

Answer: Galvanisation.

50. The scientist who got the Nobel prize for malaria?

Answer:  Sir Ronald Ross.

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