Current Affairs Gk Question – March 22, 2023

1. Which of the following country topped the happiest countries list in the world for 2023?

Answer: Finland.

2. What is the rank of India in World Happiness report 2023?

 Answer: 125.

3. When was the International Day of Nowruz celebrated?

Answer: March 21.

4. Now, who lead Bisleri after TCPL withdraws acquisition plan?

 Answer: Jayanti Chauhan.

5. What is the theme for World Poetry Day 2023?

Answer: Always be a poet, even in prose.

6. India and which country have inaugurated the exhibition ‘Geoffrey Bawa’ in New Delhi?

 Answer: Sri Lanka.

7. Who won the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023?

Answer: Sergio Pérez.

8. International Day of Forests 2023 is observed on?

 Answer: 22 March.

9. What is the theme of International Day of Forests for 2023?

 Answer: Forests and health.

10. World Poetry Day is observed every year on which day?

 Answer: 21 March.

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