Current Affairs Gk Question – April 25, 2023

1. Which state has become the first to develop a DNA database for unidentified bodies?

 Answer: Himachal Pradesh.

2. Which state has launched the ‘One Panchayat, One Playground’ initiative?

 Answer: Kerala.

3. Which state has topped the list in the first-ever waterbody census conducted in India?

 Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

4. What is the World Bank’s Logistic Performance Index?

 Answer: A measure of a country’s logistics performance.

5. What is Khongjom Day in Manipur?

 Answer: A tribute to the martyrs of the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891.

6. Where was the World Cup held where Jyothi Surekha Vennam won the gold medal?

 Answer: Guatemala City, Guatemala.

7. What is PM Gati Shakti’s national master plan?

 Answer: A plan for the modernization and integration of India’s transportation network.

8. Who won the London Marathon?

 Answer: Daniel Kiptum.

9. What is the partnership between Canara Bank and the Reserve Bank of India innovation hub?

 Answer: A partnership for the development of digital payment solutions in India.

10. What are digital payment solutions?

 Answer: Payment solutions that involve the use of digital platforms such as mobile apps and Internet banking.

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