Current Affairs Gk Question – April 14, 2023

1. What is H3N8 bird flu?

 (b) A type of flu that affects both birds and humans.

2. What is UPI EMI?

 (b) A feature that allows customers to pay for purchases in installments using UPI.

3. What are green deposits?

 (c) Deposits made by banks in green technologies and projects.

4. How will RBI monitor green deposits?

 (b) By requiring banks to submit quarterly reports on their green investments.

5. Which city is home to India’s first 3D-printed post office?

 (c) Bengaluru.

6. What is the International Conference on Defence Finance and Economics?

 (c) A conference for defence industry professionals to network and discuss financial and economic issues.

7. What are the unique features of Vande Bharat Express?

(a) Automatic sliding doors, onboard WiFi, and GPS-based passenger information system.

8. What is retail inflation?

 (b) Inflation in the prices of consumer goods and services.

9. What was the retail inflation rate in February?

 (c) 6.44%.

10. How much is the credit agreement signed between HDFC Bank and Export-Import Bank of Korea for?

 (c) $300 million.

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