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TamilNadu Static Gk Questions and Answers - 2

Tamilnadu General Knowledge Questions and Answers:

1. How many members are there in Rajya Sabha from TamilNadu?

Answer: 18

2. What is the traditional food of TamilNadu?

Answer: Rice

3. Which is the cash crops of TamilNadu?

Answer: Cotton

4. Which is the traditional festival of TamilNadu?

Answer: Pongal

5. Which is the longest river in TamilNadu?

Answer: Kaveri River

6. A place where three seas meet together in South India?

Answer: Kanyakumari

7. In which state Mullaperiyar Dam is located?

Answer: Kerala

8. Who built the Mettur Dam?

Answer: Colonel W.M Ellis

9. Where is the Mettur Dam located?

Answer: Salem district

10. Which city is known as the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu”?

Answer: Thanjavur

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