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TamilNadu Static Gk Questions and Answers - 1

Tamilnadu General Knowledge Questions and Answers:

1. Who is the author of Tamil Thai Vazhthu?

Answer: P. Sundaram Pillai

2. Who is the first chief minister of TamilNadu?

Answer: A. Subbarayalu Reddiar

3. Which ocean is present in the eastern part of TamilNadu?

Answer: Bay of Bengal

4. Which state is the northern part of TamilNadu?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

5. Where is Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly situated?

Answer: Fort St. George

6. Who elects the members of the Lok Sabha?

Answer: People

7. How many Lok Sabha members in TamilNadu?

Answer: 39

8. How many states share the border with TamilNadu?

Answer: 3

9. How many members are in the TamilNadu Legislative Assembly?

Answer: 235

10. How many years once the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly conducted?

Answer: 5 years

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