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ACIO Exam Study Material Set - 03

1. Which Planet is nearest to the earth?

Answer: Venus

2. Who invented the Decimal system?


3. Which is the longest latitude?

Answer: Equator 

4. Which bank is called as Imperial Bank of India?

Answer: State bank of India (SBI)

5. Which bank is called as the Banker of Banks?

Answer: Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

6. The largest island in the Indian Ocean is? 

Answer: Madagascar

7. When was the Agmark act passed in India?

Answer: 1937

8. Where was the first cotton mill set up in India?

Answer: Mumbai

9. When was the Mandal Commission established in India?

Answer: 1 January 1979 

10. Who built the Lohagarh Fort in Inda?

Answer:  Maharaja Suraj Mal

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