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ACIO Exam Study Material Set - 02

1. Who was the 1st speaker of Lok Sabha?

Answer: M. A. Ayyangar

2. Who said, “Good governence can never be the substitute of self-governance"?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

3. Who is the Editor of WikiLeaks?

Answer: Julian Assange

4. Name of the device measured the Humidity?

Answer: Hygrometer

5. Who did the first census in India?

Answer: Lord Ripon

6. Who is known as the father of the Green Revolution?

Answer: Norman E. Borlaug

7. Name of the climate type in Siberia?

Answer: Taiga Climate

8. Who is the first director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?

Answer: J. Goss 

9. Name of the innert gas present in the earth's environment?

Answer: Argon

10. Name of the gas predominantly responsible for Global Warning?

Answer: Carbon dioxide


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