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ACIO Exam Study Material Set - 01

1. How many languages and dialects are spoken by people all over the world?

Answer: 9,000

2. Approximately, how many people speak the Chinese language?

Answer: 1 billion

3. The language with the richest vocabulary is

Answer: English

4. How many words are there in the English Language?

Answer: 4,50,000

5. Which is the oldest Indian language?

Answer: Tamil

6. Which is the only religious book ever printed in a shorthand script?

Answer: The Bible

7. The oldest printed work in the world, which dates back to AD 868 is?

Answer: The Hirake Sutra

8. Who developed the smallpox vaccination?

Answer: Eduard Jenner

9.  Who is also known as the Lady with the Lamp?

Answer: Florence Nightingale lady

10. Name of the American General who led the revolt against the British & declared American independence?

Answer: George Washington





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