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TamilNadu Static Gk Questions and Answers - 3

1. In which year the name of the Madras was changed into TamilNadu?

Answer: 1969

2. What is the capital of Tamilnadu?

Answer: Chennai

3. Which place is called as the Gateway of Tamilnadu?

Answer: Thoothukudi

4. What is the official language of Tamilnadu?

Answer: Tamil

5. How many districts in Tamilnadu?

Answer: 32

6. Which TamilNadu temple tower is the state emblem?

Answer: Srivilliputhur

7. What is the State Bird of TamilNadu?

Answer: Emerald Dove

8. Which is the state Animal of TamilNadu?

Answer: Nilgiri Tahr

9. Which is the State Flower of TamilNadu?

Answer: Gloriosa lily

10. Which is the state Tree of TamilNadu?

Answer: Palm tree

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