List of Nuclear Power Plants in India:

Name of the Nuclear Power PlantsYear of StartedState
Tarapur Atomic Power Station1969Maharashtra
Rajasthan Atomic Power Station1973Rajasthan
Madras Atomic Power Station (Kalpakkam)1984Tamil Nadu
Narora Atomic Power Station1991Uttar Pradesh
Kakrapar Atomic Power Station1993Gujarat
Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant2000Karnataka
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant2013Tamil Nadu

Under Construction Nuclear Power plants in India:

Name of the Nuclear Power PlantsStateCapacity
Kakrapar Unit 3 & 4 Power Plant   Gujarat700
Madras (Kalpakkam) Power PlantTamil Nadu500
Rajasthan Unit 7 & 8 Power PlantRajasthan1400
Kudankulam Unit 3 & 4Power PlantTamil Nadu200

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