List of National Waterways in India

National WaterwaysApproximate Length (Km.)State
National Waterway-11620Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal
National Waterway-2891Assam
National Waterway-3365Kerala
National Waterway-42890Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana
National Waterway-5588Odisha, West Bengal
National Waterway-671Assam
National Waterway-796West Bengal
National Waterway-828Kerala
National Waterway-938Kerala
National Waterway-1045Maharashtra
National Waterway-1198Maharashtra
National Waterway-125.5    Uttar Pradesh
National Waterway-1311Tamil Nadu
National Waterway-1449Odisha
National Waterway-15137   West Bengal
National Waterway-16121   Assam
National Waterway-17191   Himachal Pradesh & Punjab
National Waterway-1873Assam
National Waterway-1968Uttar Pradesh
National Waterway-2094Tamil Nadu
National Waterway-21139Telangana, Karnataka
National Waterway-22156Odisha
National Waterway-2356Odisha
National Waterway-2460Uttar Pradesh
National Waterway-2533Goa
National Waterway-2653     Jammu and Kashmir& Punjab
National Waterway-2717     Goa
National Waterway-2845     Maharashtra
National Waterway-29135   West Bengal
National Waterway-30114   Assam
National Waterway-31110   Assam
National Waterway-3263     Assam
National Waterway-3361     Assam
National Waterway-34130   West Bengal
National Waterway-35113   West Bengal
National Waterway-36121   West Bengal
National Waterway-37300   Bihar & Uttar Pradesh
National Waterway-3862     Assam & West Bengal
National Waterway-3949     Meghalaya
National Waterway-40340   Bihar & Uttar Pradesh
National Waterway-41112   Karnataka
National Waterway-42518   Uttar Pradesh
National Waterway-4310     Karnataka
National Waterway-4464     West Bengal
National Waterway-45650   Haryana, Punjab & Rajasthan
National Waterway-4635     Jammu and Kashmir
National Waterway-47131West Bengal
National Waterway-48590Rajasthan & Gujarat
National Waterway-49110Jammu and Kashmir
National Waterway-5043Meghalaya & Assam
National Waterway-5123     Karnataka
National Waterway-5254Karnataka
National Waterway-53145Maharashtra
National Waterway-5486Uttar Pradesh & Bihar
National Waterway-55364   Tamil Nadu
National Waterway-5623     Jharkhand
National Waterway-5746     Assam
National Waterway-58236   Bihar
National Waterway-5928     Kerala
National Waterway-6077     West Bengal
National Waterway-6128     Meghalaya
National Waterway-62100   Assam
National Waterway-63327   Rajasthan
National Waterway-64425   Odisha
National Waterway-6581     West Bengal
National Waterway-66248   Gujarat
National Waterway-6794     Karnataka
National Waterway-6841     Goa
National Waterway-695       Tamil Nadu
National Waterway-70242   Maharashtra &Telangana
National Waterway-7127     Goa
National Waterway-7260     Maharashtra
National Waterway-73227   Gujarat
National Waterway-7478     Karnataka
National Waterway-75141   Tamil Nadu
National Waterway-7623     Karnataka
National Waterway-7720     Tamil Nadu
National Waterway-78265   Maharashtra & Telangana
National Waterway-7929     Andhra Pradesh
National Waterway-80125   Tamil Nadu
National Waterway-8135     Bihar
National Waterway-8272     Assam
National Waterway-8331     Maharashtra
National Waterway-8442     Himachal Pradesh & Jammu and Kashmir
National Waterway-8531     Maharashtra
National Waterway-8672     West Bengal
National Waterway-87212   Gujarat
National Waterway-8814     Goa
National Waterway-8946     Maharashtra
National Waterway-9029     Karnataka
National Waterway-9152     Maharashtra
National Waterway-9226     West Bengal
National Waterway-9362     Meghalaya
National Waterway-94160   Bihar
National Waterway-95111   Assam
National Waterway-96314   Jharkhand, West Bengal & Odisha
National Waterway-97654   West Bengal
National Waterway-98377Punjab & Himachal Pradesh
National Waterway-9964     Tamil Nadu
National Waterway-100436   Maharashtra & Gujarat
National Waterway-10142     Nagaland
National Waterway-10286Mizoram
National Waterway-10373     Uttar Pradesh
National Waterway-104230   Telangana, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh
National Waterway-10516     Karnataka
National Waterway-10620     Meghalaya
National Waterway-10745     Tamil Nadu
National Waterway-10853     Uttar Pradesh
National Waterway-109164Maharashtra & Telangana
National Waterway-1101089Haryana, Uttar Pradesh & Delhi
National Waterway-11150     Goa

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