List of Marketing Abbreviations:

ABMAccount Based Marketing
AHP Analytic Hierarchy Process
AIDA         Attention Interest Desire Action
AIMAlternative Investment Market
ATARAwareness Trial Availability Repeat
ATF  Above the Fold
B2B  Business-to-Business
B2C  Business-to-Consumer
BDIBrand Development Index
BEPBreak Even Point
BHS  Black Hat SEO
BL      Business Listing
BLBack Link
BR     Bounce Rate
BTFBelow the Fold
CACCustomer Acquisition Cost
CACCognitive Affective Conative
CAN SPAMControlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing
CASLCanadian Anti-Spam Legislation
CDICategory Development Index
CE/CXCustomer Experience
CGICommon Gateway Interface
CIFCost Insurance Freight
CLSConsumer Location System
CLVCustomer Lifetime Value
CMContent Marketing
CMSContent Management System
CoCaCost of Customer Acquisition
CPCompany Profile
CPACost Per Action
CPCCost Per Click
CPECost Per Engagement
CPLCost Per Lead
CPM/CTACost Per Mile/Call to Action
CPOCost Per Order
CPSCost Per Sale
CPVCost Per View
CRConversion Rate
CRConcession Rate
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CROConversion Rate Optimization
CSClassified Submissions
CSECustom Search Engine
CSSCascading Style Sheet
CTAContent Targeted Advertising
CTRClick Through Rate
CTRClick-Through Ratio
DADomain Authority
DCData Center
DCF Discounted Cash Flow
DDMDimensional Direct Mail
DFOData Feed Optimization
DLRDeep Link Ratio
DMDigital Marketing
DMDirect Mail
DMADesignated Market Area
DMCADigital Millennium Copyright Act
DMMDigital Media Marketing
DMPData Management Platform
DMUDecision-Making Unit
DNSDomain Name Servers
DPIDevelopment Process Improvement
DRADirect Response Advertising
DSDirectory Submissions
DSPDemand Side Platform
eCommerceElectronic Commerce
ECPCEnhanced Cost Per Click
eCPMEffective Cost per Thousand
ECREffective Consumer Response
ESPEmotional Selling Proposition
F500Fortune 500
FDI  Foreign Direct Investment
FMCGFast-Moving Consumer Goods
GRP Gross Rating Point
IDRAIndustries Development and Regulation Act
IMInternet Marketing
IMCIntegrated Marketing Communication
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
KPIKey Performance Indicator
LBLLocal Business Listing
LPOLanding Page Optimization
LSILatent Semantic Indexing
LTKLong Tail Keyword
LTVLifetime Value
MAAMarketing Authorization Application
MALMarketing Accepted Lead
MAPMarket Access Program
MAPMarketing Automation Platform
MCC            My Client Center
MDFMedia Data Form
MLMMulti Level Marketing
MLMMultilevel Marketing
MoMMonth over Month
MQLMarketing Qualified Lead
MRMarket Research
MSMarket Share
MSMarket Surveillance
MTD            Month to Date
NAPName, Address, Phone Number
NPDNew Product Development
NPSNet Promoter Score
OBLOutbound Links
ORMOnline Reputation Management
OSEOpen Site Explorer
OWBLOne Way Back Link
PAN Permanent Account Number
PESTPolitical Economic Social Technological
PICProduct Innovation Charter
PIIPersonal Identifiable Information
PKG Package
PLProduct Listing
POPPoint of Purchase Display
POSPoint of Sale Display
PPAPay Per Action
PPCPay Per Click
PPIPay Per Impression
PPLPay Per Lead
PRSPress Release Submissions
Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4      Quarters of the Year
QSQuality Score
R&DResearch and Development
RFPRequest for Proposal
ROIReturn on Investment
ROMIReturn on Marketing Investment
RONRun of Network
ROSRun of Site
RPMResale Price Maintenance
RSSReally Simple Syndication
RTBReal-Time Building
SAL Sales Accepted Lead
SARSecondary Action Rate
SBESmall Business Enterprise
SBMSocial Bookmarking
SCVSingle Customer View
SESearch Engine
SESearch Engine
SEMSearch Engine Marketing
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SERPSearch Engine Results Page
SFASales Force Automation
SLAService Level Agreement
SMBSmall and Medium Businesses
SMESubject Matter Expert
SMMSocial Media Marketing
SOVShare of Voice
SPOCSuspects Prospects Opportunities Customers
SRMSupplier Relation Management
SSP  Supply Side Platform
STMShort Tail Keyword
STMSimulated Test Market
SWOTStrengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
TAPTotal Audience Package
TAPTargeted Accounts Program
TMTarget Market
TMVTrue Market Value
UPCUniversal Product Code
USPUnique Selling Proposition
UV   Unique Visitor
UXUser Experience
VALSValues and Lifestyles
VATValue Added Tax
VDUVisual Display Unit
VMSVerbal Marketing System
VOCVoice of Customer
WOMMWord of Mouth Marketing
YoY          Year On Year
YTDYear To Date
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