List of Deserts in India and World:

Deserts are found in the arid and semi-arid parts o the Earth’s surface. They are mainly found on the sub-tropical high pressure belt region where the subsidence of air and the inversion of temperature take place.

Formation of Desert:

  • Formed due to rain shadow effect.
  • Formed when ocean air from the land is obstructing by mountain ranges from east and from the west.
  • Cold currents play a decisive role because they reduce the humidity of the coastal winds that resultant less precipitation or no precipitation.

Types of Desert:

(a) Rocky Desert

(b) Stony Desert

(c) Sandy Desert

List of Deserts in India:

  • The Cold Mountain Desert of the Trans-Himalayas
  • The White Salt Desert of Kutch
  • The Sandy Desert of Thar.

List of Deserts in World:


Name of the DesertLocation
Kalahari DesertNamibia and South Africa
Karoo DesertSouth Africa
Namib DesertNamibia
Danakil DesertNortheastern Ethiopia, southern Eritrea, southern Djibouti and northwesternmost Somalia
Eritrean Coastal DesertSouthern part of the coast of Eritrea and the coast of Djibouti
Guban DesertCoast of northwestern Somalia
Grand Bara DesertSouth Djibouti
Chalbi DesertNorthern Kenya along the border with Ethiopia
Nyiri DesertSouthern Kenya along the border with Tanzania
Lompoul DesertNorthwestern Senegal between Dakar and Saint-Louis
Sahara DesertAfrica
TenereNortheastern Niger and Western Chad
TanezrouftNorthern Mali, Northwestern Niger as well as central and southern Algeria, at the west of the Hoggar Mountains
El DjoufNortheastern Mauritania and parts of Northwestern Mali
Djurab DesertNorthern central Chad
Tin-Toumma DesertSoutheastern Niger, at the south of the Tenere
Libyan DesertEastern Libya, western Egypt and northwestern Sudan at the west of the Nile River
White DesertWestern Egypt and located in Farafra, Egypt
Eastern DesertEastern Egypt and northeastern Sudan between the Nile River and the Red Sea
Nubian DesertNortheastern Sudan between the Nile River and the Red Sea
Bayuda DesertEastern Sudan
Sinai DesertSinai Peninsula in Egypt
Atlantic Coastal DesertWestern coast of the Sahara Desert


Name of the DesertLocation
Arabian DesertArabian Peninsula
Al Khatim DesertAbu Dhabi
Al-Dahna DesertArabian Desert and covering parts of Saudi Arabia
Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali)Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen
Nefud DesertNorthern part of the Arabian Peninsula
Ramlat al-SabataynNorth-central Yemen
Wahiba SandsOman
Judaean DesertEastern Israel and the West Bank
NegevSouthern Israel
Bromo Sand Sea  Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java, Indonesia
Dasht-e KavirCentral Iran
Dasht-e LutSoutheastern Iran
Polond DesertEastern Iran
Maranjab DesertCentral Iran
Katpana DesertPakistan
Indus Valley DesertPakistan
Kharan DesertPakistan
Syrian DesertSyria, Jordan and Iraq
Thal DesertPakistan
Thar DesertIndia and Pakistan
Dasht-e-MargoSouthwestern Afghanistan
Kyzyl KumKazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Kara KumCentral Asian desert
Lop DesertChina
OrdosNorthern China
GobiMongolia and China
Gurbantunggut DesertNorthwestern China
Kumtag DesertNorthwestern China
Karapinar DesertSouthern Central Anatolia  


Name of the DesertLocation
Accona DesertCentral Italy
Bardenas RealesNavarre, Spain
Bledowska DesertLesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Deliblatska PescaraVojvodina, Serbia
LarzacMassif Central in France
Melnik Desert CanyonSouthwestern tip of Bulgaria
Monegros DesertAragon, Spain
Oleshky SandsUkraine near Askania
Oltenian SaharaRomanian historical province of Oltenia
Sand dunes of LemnosLemnos Island in Greece
Sands of DurdevacDurdevac, Croatia
The Stone DesertWestern Varna Province border of North East Bulgaria
Ryn DesertWestern Kazakhstan and southeastern Russia
Tabernas DesertAlmeria, Spain

North America:

Name of the DesertLocation
Chihuahua DesertMexico and the United States
Great Basin DesertBlack Rock Desert; Death Valley
Mojave DesertUnited States
Red DesertWyoming
Sonoran DesertUnited States and Mexico
Colorado DesertUnited States
Thompson PlateauCanada

South America:

Name of the DesertLocation
Atacama DesertChile and Peru
La Guajira DesertNorthern Colombia and Venezuela
Monte DesertArgentina
Patagonian DesertArgentina and Chile
Sechura DesertSouth of the Piura Region of Peru
JalapaoTocantins, Brazil


Name of the DesertLocation
Central DesertCentral Australian desert
Gibson DesertCentral Australian desert
Great Sandy DesertNorthwestern Australian desert
Great Victoria DesertAustralia
Little Sandy DesertWestern Australian desert
Simpson DesertCentral Australian desert
Strzelecki DesertSouth-central Australian desert
Tanami DesertNorthern Australian desert

Top 25 Rank Deserts in the World:

RankName of the DesertLocation
2ArcticNorthern America (Alaska, Canada and Greenland)Northern Europe (Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)   Eastern Europe (European Russia)   North Asia (Siberia)
3SaharaNorth Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia)West Africa (Mali, Mauritania and Niger)   Middle Africa (Chad)   East Africa (Eritrea)
4Arabian DesertWestern Asia (Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen)
5Gobi DesertMongolia and China
6Kalahari Desert   Angola, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa
7Great Victoria DesertAustralia
8Patagonian Desert         Argentina and Chile
9Syrian Desert      Iraq, Jordan, and Syria
10Great Basin Desert         United States
11Chihuahuan Desert         Mexico and United States
12Great Sandy DesertAustralia
13Karakum Desert  Turkmenistan
14Colorado PlateauUnited States
15Sonoran Desert   Mexico and United States
16Kyzylkum DesertKazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
17Taklamakan DesertChina
18Thar DesertIndia, Pakistan
19Gibson Desert     Australia
20Dasht-e Margo    Afghanistan
21Registan Desert   Afghanistan
22Simpson Desert   Australia
23Atacama Desert   Chile and Peru
24Mojave Desert     United States
25Namib Desert      Angola and Namibia

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