Important Acts and Sections in the Banking Sector:

Banking Regulation Act 1949 is an act passed in the year 1949 for the purpose of regulating banks across the country. It was earlier called the banking companies act of 1949, and later in 1966, it came to be known as the banking regulation act of 1949.

Name of the Banking ActsYear
Societies Registration Act1860
Negotiable Instrument Act1881
Indian Trusts Act1882
The Banker’s Books Evidence Act1891
Indian Stamp Act1899
Co-operative Societies Act1912
Provident Funds Act1925
Indian Partnership Act1934
The Reserve Bank of India Act1934
Insurance Act1938
Central Excise Act1944
Public Debt Act1944
International Monetary Fund and Bank Act1945
Employees’ State Insurance Act1948
The Industrial Finance Corporation of India Act1948
The Banking Companies (Legal Practitioner Clients Accounts) Act1949
The Industrial Disputes (Banking and Insurance Companies) Act1949
The Banking Regulation(Companies) Rules1949
The Banking Regulation Act1949
Chartered Accountants Act1949
Contingency Fund of India Act1950
The State Financial Corporations Act1951
Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act1952
The Reserve Bank of India (Amendment and Misc. Provisions) Act1953
The Industrial Disputes (Banking Companies) Decision Act1955
The State Bank of India Act1955
Life Insurance Corporation Act1956
Companies Act1956
Central Sales Tax Act1956
The State Bank of India (Subsidiary Banks) Act1959
The Subsidiary Bank’s General Regulation1959
The Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation Act1961
Customs Act1962
Unit Trust of India Act1963
Limitation Act1963
Nationalization of Banks Act (However, the government decided to nationalize 14 major commercial banks on 19th July 1969)1964
Banking Laws (Application to Co-operative Societies) Act1965
Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertaking) Act1969
The Nationalized Banks (Management and Miscellaneous Provisions) Scheme1970
The Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act1970
The Regional Rural Banks Act1976
Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act1976
The Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act1980
The Export-Import Bank of India Act1981
The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act1981
Chit Fund Act1982
Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provisions)Act1985
Shipping Development Fund Committee (Abolition) Act1985
Banking Companies (Regulation)Rules1985
The National Housing Bank Act1987
SIDBI Act1989
SIDBI General Regulations1990
Securities and Exchange Board of India Act1992
The Special Court (trial of Offences relating to Transactions in Securities) Act1992
The Industrial Finance Corporation (Transfer of Undertakings and Repeal) Act1993
Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act1993
Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal (Procedure) Rules1994
Industrial Reconstruction Bank (Transfer of Undertaking & Appeal) Act1997
Foreign Exchange Management Act1999
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act1999
Prevention of Money Laundering Act2002
Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act2002
The Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act2002
Industrial Development Bank (Transfer of Undertaking & Repeal) Act2003
Credit Information Companies (Rules & Regulation) Act2005
Government Securities Act2006
The Banking Ombudsman Scheme2006
Factoring Act Rules2011
SARFAESI (Central registry) Rules2011
Securities Law (Amendment) Act2014
The Regional Rural Banks (Amendment) Act – Diluted the sharing pattern by limiting the composite share of Central Government and sponsor bank to 51%2014
The Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act- pushed FDI limit to 49%2015
The Companies Act (Amended) (legislated in 1956)2015

List of Section in the Banking Sector:

Section 1Short title, extent and commencement
Section 2Application of other laws not barred
Section 3Act to apply to cooperative societies in certain cases
Section 4Power to suspend the operation of Act
Section 5Interpretation
Section 5AAct to override memorandum, articles, etc
Section 6Form and business in which banking companies may engage
Section 7Use of words “bank”, “banker”, “banking” or “banking company”
Section 8Prohibition of trading
Section 9Disposal of non-banking assets
Section 10Prohibition of employment of Managing agents and restrictions on certain forms of employment
Section 10ABoard of Directors to include persons with professional or other experience
Section 10BBanking company to be managed by whole-time Chairman
Section 10BBPower of Reserve Bank to appoint a Chairman of the Board of Directors appointed on a whole-time basis or a Managing Director of a banking company
Section 10CChairman and certain Directors are not to be required to hold qualification shares
Section 10DProvisions of sections 10A and 10B to override all other laws, contracts, etc.
Section 11Requirement as to minimum paid-up capital and reserves
Section 12Regulation of paid-up capital, subscribed capital and authorized capital, and voting rights of shareholders
Section 12AElection of new Directors
Section 12BRegulation of acquisition of shares or voting rights
Section 13Restriction on commission, brokerage, discount, etc. on the sale of shares
Section 14Prohibition of charge on unpaid capital
Section 14AProhibition of floating charges on assets
Section 15Restrictions as to payment of dividend
Section 16Prohibition of common Directors
Section 17Reserve Fund
Section 18Cash reserve
Section 19Restriction on the nature of subsidiary companies
Section 20Restrictions on loans and advances
Section 20ARestrictions on power to remit debts
Section 21Power of Reserve Bank to control advances by banking companies
Section 21ARates of interest charged by banking companies not to be subject to scrutiny by courts
Section 22Licensing of banking companies
Section 23Restrictions on the opening of new, and transfer of existing, places of business
Section 24Maintenance of a percentage of assets
Section 25Assets in India
Section 26Return of unclaimed deposits
Section 26AEstablishment of Depositor Education and Awareness Fund
Section 27Monthly returns and power to call for other returns and information
Section 28Power to publish information
Section 29Accounts and balance-sheet
Section 29APower in respect of associate enterprises
Section 30Audit
Section 31Submission of returns
Section 32Copies of balance sheets and accounts are to be sent to the registrar
Section 33Display of audited balance-sheet by companies incorporated outside India
Section 34Accounting provisions of this Act are not retrospective
Section 34AProduction of documents of confidential nature
Section 35Inspection
Section 35APower of the Reserve Bank to give directions
Section 35 AAPower of Central Government to authorize Reserve Bank for issuing directions to banking companies to initiate an insolvency resolution process
Section 35ABPower of Reserve Bank to issue directions in respect of stressed assets
Section 35BAmendments of provisions relating to appointments of Managing Directors, etc., to be subject to the previous approval of the Reserve Bank
Section 36Further powers and functions of the Reserve Bank
Section 36ACertain provisions of the Act do not apply to certain banking companies
Section 36AAPower of Reserve Bank to remove managerial and other persons from office
Section 36ABPower of Reserve Bank to appoint additional Directors
Section 36ACPart IIA to override other laws
Section 36ACASupersession of the Board of Directors in certain cases
Section 36ADPunishments for certain activities in relation to banking companies
Section 36AEPower of Central Government to acquire undertakings of banking companies in certain cases
Section 36AFThe power of the Central Government to make the scheme
Section 36AGCompensation to be given to shareholders of the acquired bank
Section 36AHConstitution of the Tribunal
Section 36AITribunal to have powers of a civil court
Section 36AJThe procedure of the Tribunal
Section 36BHigh Court defined
Section 37Suspension of Business
Section 38Winding up by High Court
Section 38ACourt liquidator
Section 39Reserve Bank to be the official liquidator
Section 39AApplication of Companies Act to liquidators
Section 40Stay of proceedings
Section 41A preliminary report by the official liquidator
Section 41ANotice to preferential claimants and secured and unsecured creditors
Section 42Power to dispense with meetings of creditors, etc
Section 43Booked depositors’ credits to be deemed proved
Section 43APreferential payments to depositors
Section 44Powers of the High Court in voluntary winding up
Section 44AProcedure for amalgamation of banking companies
Section 44BRestriction on compromise or arrangement between a banking company and creditors
Section 45Power of the Reserve Bank to apply to Central Government for suspension of business by a banking company and to prepare a scheme of reconstitution or amalgamation
Section 45APart III A to override other laws
Section 45BPower of the High Court to decide all claims in respect of banking companies
Section 45CTransfer of pending proceedings
Section 45DSettlement of list of debtors
Section 45ESpecial provisions to make calls on contributors
Section 45FDocuments of banking company to be evidence
Section 45GPublic examination of Directors and auditors
Section 45HSpecial provisions for assessing damages against delinquent Directors, etc
Section 45IDuty of Directors and officers of banking company to assist in the realization of property
Section 45JSpecial provisions for punishing offenses in relation to banking companies being wound up
Section 45K[Repealed]
Section 45LPublic examination of Directors and auditors, etc., in respect of a banking company under schemes of arrangement
Section 45MSpecial provisions for banking companies working under schemes of arrangement at the commencement of the Amendment Act
Section 45NAppeals
Section 45OSpecial period of limitation
Section 45PReserve Bank to tender advice in winding up proceedings
Section 45QPower to Inspect
Section 45RPower to call for returns and information
Section 45SChief Presidency Magistrate and District Magistrate to assist the official liquidator in taking charge of the property of the banking company being wound up
Section 45TEnforcement of orders and decisions of the High Court
Section 45UPower of the High Court to make rules
Section 45VReferences to Directors, etc., shall be construed as including references to past Directors, etc
Section 45WPart II not apply to banking companies being wound up
Section 45XValidation of certain proceedings
Section 45YPower of Central Government to make rules for the preservation of records
Section 45ZReturn of paid instruments to customers
Section 45ZANomination for payment of depositors’ money
Section 45ZBNotice of claims of other persons regarding deposits not receivable
Section 45ZCNomination for return of articles kept in safe custody with a banking company
Section 45ZDNotice of claims of other persons regarding articles not receivable
Section 45ZERelease of contents of safety lockers
Section 45ZFNotice of claims of other persons regarding safety lockers not receivable
Section 46Penalties
Section 46AChairman, Director, etc., to be public servants for the purposes of Chapter IX of the Indian Penal Code
Section 47Cognizance of offenses
Section 47APower of Reserve Bank to impose a penalty
Section 48Application of fines
Section 49Special provisions for private banking companies
Section 49ARestriction on acceptance of deposits withdrawal by Cheque
Section 49BChange of name by a banking company
Section 49CAlteration of memorandum of a banking company
Section 50Certain claims for compensation barred
Section 51Application of certain provisions to the State Bank of India and other notified banks
Section 52The power of Central Government to make rules
Section 53Power to exempt in certain cases
Section 54Protection of action taken under the Act
Section 55Amendment of Act 2 of 1934
Section 55APower to remove difficulties
Section 56Act to apply to co-operative societies subject to modifications 

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