General Knowledge Set – 98 SSC Exam:

  1. Who is called the Flying Sikh of India?
    Answer: Milkha Singh
  1. Who is known as the ‘saint of the gutters?
    Answer: Mother Teresa
  1. Which crop enriches the soil with nitrogen?
    Answer: Pea
  1. Which rock system has the maximum concentration of minerals?
    Answer: Dharwar system
  1. Which Governor General is associated with the Doctrine of Lapse?
    Answer: Lord Dalhousie
  1. How much the time gap between two sessions of the Parliament should not exceed?
    Answer: 6 months
  1. Which is the correct device for the detection of thermal radiation?
    Answer: Thermopile
  1. A crossed cheque is one, which can be encashed only at which bank?
    Answer: State Bank of India
  1. Which state is the larger producer of lignite coal?
    Answer: Tamil Nadu
  1. Which Sikh Guru helped the rebel prince Khusro with money and blessings?
    Answer: Guru Arjun Dev
  1. Who is the first person to set foot on Moon?
    Answer: Neil Armstrong
  1. The wood used in making cricking cricket bats, from which is got?
    Answer: Salix alba / S Purpurea
  1. By whom are the Chairman and members of the State Public Service Commission appointed?
    Answer: President
  1. What is the time required by moonlight to reach the earth?
    Answer: 1.3 sec
  1. Which presents the most significant feature of the Indus Valley Civilization?
    Answer: Burnt brick buildings
  1. Which metal has the highest density?
    Answer: Platinum
  1. What is an organization’s introductory web page?
    Answer: Vortal
  1. What do Quantitative credit controls not include?
    Answer: RBI directives
  1. From where does the strongest evidence that comets are members of our solar system come?
    Answer: Their composition
  1. Of which thing were the Indus Valley houses built?
    Answer: Bricks

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