General Knowledge Set – 9 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

  1. Which Union Territory attained statehood in February, 1987 ?
    Answer : Goa
  2. Which oxyacid of halogen has maximum acidic nature?
    Answer : HClO4
  3. From when was the Zero Base Budgeting in India first experimented?
    Answer : April, 1987
  4. What is most important reason for dwindling forest resources today?
    Answer : Over felling
  5. “The best and bravest of the military leader of the rebels”- about whom was this said by Sir Hugh Rose?
    Answer : Rani of Jhansi
  6. Who is the leading wicket taker in the history of Test cricket?
    Answer : Shane Warne
  7. The greatest threat to organisms and biodiversity in which process?
    Answer : Process of habitat loss
  8. Which Article of the Constitution of India makes a specific mention of Village Panchayats ?
    Answer : Article 40
  9. How much of earth surface is covered by the forests?
    Answer : 30 percent
  10. Who was the first Indian woman President of the Indian National Congress?
    Answer : Sarojini Naidu
  11. The unidirectional property of a pn-junction is useful for its use as which thing?
    Answer : Rectifier
  12. Who has been awarded the Prem Bhatia Award for the year 2012?
    Answer : P.R. Ramesh
  13. Who is the chairman of 13th Finance Commission?
    Answer : Vijay Kelkar
  14. The Himalyas are approximately how many kilometer broad?
    Answer : 150 to 400
  15. During India’s Freedom Struggle, which led to the first ‘All India Hartal’?
    Answer : Protest against Rowlatt Act
  16. Which animals have a diet mainly consisting of bamboo?
    Answer : Red pandas
  17. Which Amendment of the Constitution of India deals with the issue of strengthening of the Panchayati Raj?
    Answer : 73rd
  18. Thermal decomposition of alkanes is known as which name?
    Answer : Cracking
  19. How many islands of India are located in the Bay of Bengal?
    Answer : 204
  20. In ancient India, at where was the earliest capital of Magadha kingdom?
    Answer : Rajgir
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