General Knowledge Set – 88 SSC Exam:

  1. What is the age of retirement of the Judges of the High Court?
    Answer: 62 years
  1. In a methane molecule, how are the four hydrogen atoms arranged?
    Answer: As tetrahedral
  1. Which industry earns the second highest net foreign exchange from the trade?
    Answer: Engineering goods industry
  1. In which valley is the Himalayan pass Shipki La located?
    Answer: Sutlej valley
  1. When the East India Company came into existence, by whom was England was ruled?
    Answer: Tudors
  1. When is World Mental Health Day, recognized by the UN is observed?
    Answer: October 10
  1. Which is the Atmosphere of big metropolitan cities is polluted most?
    Answer: Automobile exhausts
  1. By whom the oath to a High Court Judge is administered?
    Answer: Governor
  1. Which State in India has the broadest continental shelf?
    Answer: Tamil Nadu
  1. Who was the Mughal emperor at the time of Ahmed Shah Abdali’s invasion of India?
    Answer: Shah Alam II
  1. When the temperature increases, what does the angle of contact of a liquid?
    Answer: Decreases
  1. Who was the first Indian woman who owns a gold medal in Asian Games?
    Answer: Kamaljit Sandhu
  1. From which export does India earn the maximum foreign exchange?
    Answer: Gems and jewellery
  1. Which Place experiences minimum and maximum temperature?
    28.3°C and 15°C respectively is Leh
  1. Who is associated with the Local Self-Government Act?
    Answer: Ripon
  1. Edward Jenner is related to which disease?
    Answer: Smallpox
  1. What is the source of maximum income for Panchayati Raj?
    Answer: Government grants
  1. Which variety of glass is heat resistant?
    Answer: Pyrex glass
  1. How the climate of India is?
    Answer: Subtropical monsoon
  1. Under which act was the Supreme Court in British India established?
    Answer: Regulating Act of 1773

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