General Knowledge Set – 81 UPSC Exam:

  1. What does every object do at a temperature above absolute zero?
    Answer: Radiates energy
  1. Which year is celebrated as the International Year of Forests?
    Answer: 2001-2010
  1. Who are the Debenture holders of a company?
    Answer: Its creditors
  1. Which is the longest river in India?
    Answer: Ganga
  1. Which was the first fort which the British constructed in India?
    Answer: St. George Fort
  1. Which blood group is a universal donor?
    Answer: O
  1. From which fund is the pension of a High Court Judge charged?
    Answer: Consolidated Fund of India
  1. Which metal is extracted by the electrolytic reaction method?
    Answer: Al
  1. Which region in India receives substantial rain during the winter month of January?
    Answer: Punjab
  1. Where was Bengal the headquarters of East India Company located?
    Answer: Fort William

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