General Knowledge Set – 37 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

  1. What is Syrinx?
    Answer: Voice box in Birds
  2. By whom is the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected?
    Answer: All the members of Lok Sabha
  3. Which is the best conductor of electricity ?
    Answer: Silve
  4. Which of the planets is nearest to the earth?
    Answer: Venus
  5. In which year was the Indus Valley Civilisation discovered?
    Answer: 1921
  6. Which first woman to become a Chief Minister of any State in India?
    Answer: Sucheta Kripalani
  7. Howmany of Banks were nationalised since 1969?
    Answer: 20
  8. Which modification of root does not store food?
    Answer: Stilt
  9. Which planet is known as the Earth’s Twin?
    Answer: Venus
  10. Purushsukta is a part of which veda?
    Answer: Rigveda
  11. What does the special status of Jammu and Kashmir imply?
    Answer: A separate Constitution
  12. Through which material does sound travel slowest?
    Answer: Wood
  13. What are the brothers Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha?
    Answer: Dhrupad vocalists
  14. How much the equatorial circumference is greater than the polar circumference?
    Answer: Approximately 68 km
  15. Which was common both to the Harappan society and the Rigvedic society?
    Answer: Horses
  16. Which UN agency has its headquarters at Paris?
    Answer: UNESCO
  17. Vegetative propagation by stem cutting is generally foundation of which plant?
    Answer: Sugarcane
  18. To whom is the Chief Minister of a State responsible?
    Answer: Governor
  19. What is the distance of the equator from either of the poles?
    Answer: 10,002 km
  20. Who was the President of the First Buddhist Council held at Rajagriha?
    Answer: Mahakassapa

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