General Knowledge Set – 229 RRB Exam :

1. In which year was Railway Budget in India separated from general budget?

Answer: 1924-25

2. What is the connecting link between Annelida and Arthropoda?

Answer: Peripatus

3. Which High Court has jurisdiction over the State of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: Mumbai

4. Which climate factor has the least effect upon terrestrial ecosystem?

Answer: Wind

5. Mostly inh which form was the literature of the Sangam Age written?

Answer:  Poetry form

6. Which group have quantities that do not have the same dimension ?

Answer: Force, Impulse

7. Which Indian became the President of International Court of Justice?

Answer: Dr. Nagendra Singh

8. Which Asian languages are UN official languages ?

Answer: Chinese and Arabic

9. One day in Mumbai a tide occurs at 8.00 A.M. when will it occur the next day?

Answer: 8: 26 A.M.

10. Who was the founder of Sunga dynasty?

Answer: Pushyamitra

11. What is not a digestive enzyme in human system?

Answer: Gastrin

12. The distribution of seats of the Parliament are based on which census?

Answer: 1971

13. Which element is responsible for blue baby syndrome?

Answer: Nitrate

14. Which has geographical position of 0 degree latitude and 0 degree longitude?

Answer: In the South Atlantic Ocean

15. Which Mughals is regarded more as an adventurer than a ruler?

Answer: Babar

16. In the short run, a producer,’ how long continues his production?

Answer: Fixed cost

17. Who is the author of the book “The Argumentative India”?

Answer: Arnartya Sen

18. The release of which fish into ponds and wells helps in controlling the mosquitoes ?

Answer: Gambusia fish

19. Which conditions are not favourable for the growth of coral rects ?

Answer: Fresh water

20. Who was the first Indian ruler to organise Haj pilgrimage at the expense of the state?

Answer: Akbar

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