General Knowledge Set – 223 RRB Exam:

1. Uranium eventually decays into a stable isotope of the element.

Answer:   Lead

2. Who is the author of the classic book Life Divine?

Answer:   Aurobindo Ghosh

3. Who is the author of the book ‘Preparing for the Twenty-first Century?

Answer:   Paul Kennedy

4. Which type of volcanic eruption is not usually explosive?

Answer:   Hawaiian

5. By whom were the Triratna were stressed?

Answer:   Mahavira

6. How many bones are there in a human body?

Answer:   206

7. Indian President and Prime Minister are a replica of the heads of the State of which country?

Answer:   Britain

8. What is the frequency of a wave whose time period is 0.05 seconds?

Answer:   20 Hz

9. When it is nine o’clock in London, it will be the same time in which country?

Answer:   Ghana

10. Who was the Slave Dynasty Sultans?

Answer:   Ilbari Turks

11. What does M3 include?

Answer:   M1 + T.D

12. Who was the first Indian to win an individual medal in the Olympics?

Answer:   K.D. Yadav

13. What is Funny Bone?

Answer:   A nerve

14. Why does the International Dateline deflects to a side?

Answer:   To avoid the Aleutian Islands

15. Which Sultan of Delhi, declared himself as a lieutenant of the Caliph?

Answer:   Iltutmish

16. At where were the High Courts in India first started?

Answer:   Bombay, Madras, Calcutta

17. Which is the metal used in storage batteries?

Answer:   Lead

18. Victoria Azarenka is associated with which game?

Answer:   Tennis

19. Where are the islands of Seychelles located?

Answer:   Indian Ocean

20. Theosophist, educationist, and Indian’ national leader’. To whom is this description?

Answer:   Annie Besant

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