General Knowledge Set – 207 RRB Exam :

1. A convex lens of glass has power P in air. If it is immersed in water, what will be its power?

Answer: Less than P

2. The internal secretion of which acid helps in digestion?

Answer: Hydrochloric acid

3. Who is responsible for the registration of voters?

Answer: Election Commission

4. If a place is located at 20°N, 80°E in which continents does it lie ?

Answer: Asia

5. Which was a Pala Ruler who was raised to the throne by different sections of people?

Answer: Gopala

6. How is the tax which is paid by the person on whom the tax is incident?

Answer: Direct tax

7. Jaspal Rana is a distinguished athlete in which game?

Answer: Shooting

8. Which is used in welding industry?

Answer: Acetylene

9. Where was the world’s first oil-well drilled in the nineteenth century ?

Answer: Titusfills in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

10. Which was a novelty in Shah Jahan’s buildings ?

Answer: Makrana marble

11. Companion cells are usually seen associated with which tube?

Answer: Sieve tube

12. Which is an extra Constitutional and non-statutory body?

Answer: Planning Commission

13. Who was the first lady Governor of an Indian state?

Answer:  Mrs. Sarojini Naidu

14. In which country is the world’s highest hydel power project ‘Rongtong’ located?

Answer: Beijing

15. During which reign was Tobacco introduced for cultivation?

Answer: Jahangir

16. Which is called a ‘banker’s cheque’ ?

Answer: Demand draft

17. Which types of waves are used in a night vision apparatus?

Answer: Infra-red-waves

18. Which tissue in cells have lost the capicity of cell division?

Answer: Permanent tissue

19. 17th Parallel separates which country?

Answer: North and South Vietnam

20. Who established Fergusson College at Pune in the year 1885 ?

Answer: Deccan Education Society

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