General Knowledge Set – 205 UPSC Exam:

1. A ‘flower bud’ which is uses as a spice is obtained from which plant?

Answer: Clove

2. By whom is the Contingency Fund of the State operated?

Answer: Governor

3. Which country has hosted the Asian Games for maximum number of times?

Answer: Thailand

4. Which country is the largest on producer in the world?

Answer: U.S.A.

5. Which Englishmen was honoured by Jahangir with the title of ‘Khan’?

Answer: William Hawkins

6. By whom was the first attempt to initiate economic planning in India made?

Answer: By M. Visvesvaraya

7. Which is the colour of the outer edge of the rainbow?

Answer: Red

8. Azola anabana is used as fertilizer in growing which crop?

Answer: Rice

9. Which continent has the highest density of population?

Answer: Europe

10. Who laid the foundation of the British Civil Service in India?

Answer: Lord Cornwallis

11. In case a President dies while in office, for howmany months can the Vice-President act as President?

Answer: 6 months

12. Who is the only cricketer to score two successive centuries in a World Cup?

Answer: Rahul Dravid

13. Who translated the Autobiography of Madam Curie in Hindi?

Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri

14. Most of the people of the middle east belong to which group of people?

Answer: Mediterranean

15. Who started the Public Works Department in India in AD 1848 ?

Answer: Lord Dalhousie

16. What is Isomerism exhibeted by acetic acid and methyl formate?

Answer: Functional group

17. How many pair of never arises from vertebral column?

Answer: 31 pair

18. Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India?

Answer: Either House of Parliament

19. Which soil formed by the deposition of silt brought by rivers?

Answer: Alluvial soil

20. Why was the Indus Valley Civilization Non-Aryan?

Answer: Because it was urban

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