General knowledge Set – 2 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam.

  1. In which technology do Cryogenic engines find applications?
    Answer: Rocket technology
  2. Shovana Narayan is a reputed personality in which field?
    Answer: Classical dance
  3. During which Plan did prices show a decline?
    Answer: First
  4. Which instrument is used for finding out wind direction?
    Answer: wind vane
  5. Which ports handled the north Indian trade during the Gupta period?
    Answer: Broach
  6. Which vitamin is considered to be a hormone?
    Answer : D
  7. On the basis of the financial crisis, how many times has an emergency been declared by the President of India?
    Answer: Not even once
  8. Which is the element found on the surface of the moon?
    Answer: Titanium
  9. Why is the ‘Beaufort Scale used?
    Answer: Anangpal
    Answer: To measure wind velocity
  10. Which Tomar ruler is credited to have established Delhi?
    Answer: Anangpal
  11. ‘My Music, My Life is the autobiography of which person?
    Answer: Pt. Ravi Shankar
  12. Which was the first talkie film in India?
    Answer: Alam Ara
  13. Through which Translocation of food materials in plants takes place?
    Answer: Phloem
  14. When does Relative humidity decrease?
    Answer: With increased temperature
  15. Who was the Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to have built the biggest network of canals in India?
    Answer: Feroze Shan Tughlaq
  16. What type of Party system has evolved in India?
    Answer: Multi-Party
  17. A man with dark skin, in comparison with a man with white skin, will experience?
    Answer: Less heat and less cold
  18. Which bank is the Banker of the Banks?
    Answer: RBI
  19. Where are a large number of species are found within a small unit of area?
    Answer: Wet evergreen equatorial forests
  20. Krishnadeva Raya wrote a famous work, namely Amuktamalyada, in which language?
    Answer: Telugu

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